Bienfang Calligraphy Parchment Pad – Speedball


Excellent, fine surface texture paper specifically designed for use with pen & ink.  Each package contains 50 sheets of 74gsm, acid-free paper. A glue-bound pad with a smooth surface texture paper is available in an assorted colour pack of 4 colours.

Use this high-quality, parchment paper to create traditional-looking calligraphy and letters. This paper pad is available in a 21.6 x 27.9 cm size.

  • 50 acid-free sheets
  • Size: 21.6 x 27.9 cm (8.5 x 11 inch)
  • Reusable spacing guides included
  • Weight: 74 gsm parchment paper
  • Excellent for use with inks
  • Assorted colours


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Available Options:

This pad contains an instructional page on how to use the spacing guides included in the pad.  Six different reusable spacing guides are available: Broad nib-Vertical Letters, Broad nib-Italic Letters; Medium nib-Vertical Letters, Medium nib-Italic Letters; Fined nib-Vertical Letters, Fine nib-Italic Letters.

Simply select the proper guide for the pen nib width and lettering style you intend to use. Insert it beneath your sheet of paper and you are ready to begin.

Paper Colours: Golden Yellow, natural off-white, pink and grey-blue.


The Bienfang story began with humble roots in a loft in New York City in 1926. Since that time, Bienfang has developed a rich history and strong tradition for producing quality art papers for artists, educators, students and designers.  Led by an impressive offering of fine art papers, sketching & tracing rolls, calligraphy pads and watercolour papers, Bienfang is committed to offering an excellent paper without a premium price.



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