Bienfang Graphics 360 Marker Pad – Speedball


Speedball® Graphics 360™ Marker Paper Pad 11×14 inch

A classic, the Graphics 360™ Marker Pad has been the “go-to” marker pad for artists demanding a highly translucent, ultra-smooth, 100% rag paper that will not bleed through. Whether making fine lines or bold marks using permanent or watercolour markers, colours glide smoothly and remain true. The glue-bound pad contains 50 sheets of acid-free paper. Made from 100% rag, the paper retains true colour with both permanent and watercolour markers.

  • Bienfang Graphics 360 Felt Marker Pad features 100% rag layout paper.
  • Designed for felt nib markers that hold sharp edges with excellent colour saturation.
  • Marker colours flow smoothly on these papers without streaking or bleeding.
  • Clothbound pad ideal for tracing and visualizing measures 11×14 inch.
  • Contains 50 sheets.
  • Paper Weight: 74 gsm.
  • Surface: Ultra-smooth translucent.
  • Media: Permanent and watercolour markers, pen & ink.



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Available Options:

Bienfang® Fine Art Paper: the Graphics 36 Marker pad has an ultra-smooth paper surface with no bleed through. Excellent for blending colours and building tones.



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