Pro-Chalk Brushes – Hamilton’s


It’s time to get creative with your new Hamilton’s Pro-chalk range! A quality collection of brushes that is the perfect match for chalk paint application. The brushes allow for various finishes.

The Pro-Chalk wax brush is a luxurious brush with high-quality bristles. Ideal for chalk painting, dry brushing, blending colours, special effects, waxing and glazing.
This is available in #15, 21 and 29. The rounded bristles get into the smallest of details and are strong and pliable with minimal bristle loss. Ensures a smooth, even application.

The Pro-Chalk stencil brush is ideal for stencilling and creating special effects. A soft, flexible but densely packed brush with natural bristles which are strong and pliable with minimal bristle loss.
This is available in a #6,8,10 and 12 Brush – the flat top is perfect for detailed stencilling effects.

The Pro-Chalk blending brush is ideal for chalk painting, faux finishes, glazes, dry brushing and blending colours. A flat brush with high-quality natural strong and pliable bristles, perfect for blending and feathering.
This is available in a 70mm Brush – the paddle fits comfortably in your hand and covers large surfaces.

The Pro-Chalk 12 piece assorted Artist set has a selection of flat and round brushes ideal for use with acrylics and oils.

Available Options:


Stencil Brush #6, Stencil Brush #8, Stencil Brush #10, Stencil Brush #12, Wax Brush #15, Wax Brush #21, Wax Brush #29, Blending Brush 70mm, Artist Brush 12pc Assorted Set


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