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The new Tombow ABT PRO Alcohol Marker is a permanent dual-tipped art marker with a flexible brush tip and chisel tip in one. Similar in design to Tombow’s flagship Dual Brush Pen, the ABT PRO features a slender barrel for a natural, comfortable grip during use and is ideal for artists, designers and crafters.

High-quality Japanese nibs – Flexible brush tip distributes ink consistently as pressure changes. Durable polyester chisel tip retains shape after heavy use.

Air-tight caps protect tips – ABT PRO Alcohol-Based Markers are designed with air-tight caps to prevent alcohol ink from drying out. Inner caps auto-centre to protect nibs when re-capping markers.

Rich vibrant colour saturation – Permanent, alcohol-based ink is fast-drying, vibrant and great for layering and shading. Great for creating fully saturated, rich colour blends.

Professional quality markers – Professional quality markers are ideal for graphic designers, illustrators and professional artists. Permanent ink is long-lasting and won’t pill paper.

Great for skin tones – ABT PRO Markers come in 108 colours (Artsavingsclub will only stock 98 Colours) and include a wide range of skin tones for drawing a diverse array of people with unique hair, eyes and other distinct features.

Great for abstract art & illustrations – Use the chisel tip for quick sketches and abstract illustrations. The broad chisel tip is durable and great for creating consistently thick or thin strokes.

Great for fashion illustration – The consistent flow of ink makes the ABT PRO easy to use on marker paper and is ideal for fashion illustration. Rich pigment ink layers perfectly to create a range of vibrant colour values.

Great for paper-crafting – ABT PRO Alcohol-Based Markers are great for paper crafting, card making, scrapbooking, collage and colouring stamped images.


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Basic Techniques

Learn the basic techniques for colouring and blending.
Practice these techniques and you’ll be a pro in no time!

Using the brush tip, apply a light amount of pressure (using mainly the tip of the brush) to apply a light layer of colour. Apply more pressure (using the full width of the brush) to apply a darker layer of colour.
Use the broad chisel tip to create straight, consecutive lines to fill large areas. Apply one layer for lighter fills and multiple layers for darker fills.
Use the brush tip to draw small circular shapes to create an even distribution of colour. This creates a more saturated fill.
Use the brush tip to create a base layer using even ink distribution. Layer the same colour ink on top of the base layer to create a darker colour.
Apply more pressure at the beginning of the stroke and release pressure at the end of stroke using a flicking motion. Use light, swift strokes to create a feathered edge for blending.

How to blend with one marker

Learn how to create seamless colour blends using a single alcohol-based marker.

Image Image Image
Draw a shape and fill with ink using the lightest pressure to create the first layer of colour. For best results, use a hard lead pencil to draw outlines to prevent smudging.
Apply a second layer by starting from the bottom and filling the shape 2/3 of the way to the top. Use a flicking motion to feather colour at the end of each stroke.
Apply a third layer of colour by adding slightly more pressure and coming up 2/3 of the way to the top of the previous layer. Repeat this step until you reach desired saturation.

How to blend with three markers

Create unlimited colour gradients by blending light, medium and dark tones.

The trick to creating seamless blends is to start using light pressure and gradually adding heavier pressure to darken colours so the paper doesn’t get saturated too quickly.
Image Image Image
Select three colours in the same blending family; a light, medium and dark tone. Colours shown in this example are P401, P403, and P407.
Draw a simple shape and use small circular motions to fill it with the lightest colour. This forms your base layer, which will become the highlights in your final piece.
Select the mid-tone (medium colour) to create shadows by applying colour using a flicking technique, starting from the edge. Be sure to leave space for the lightest colour to shine through.
Image Image Image
Select the darkest colour to create the shadow. Start from the edge and use a flicking technique to blend the dark tone into the mid-tone. Be sure to leave space for the mid-tone to show through.
To blend the two darkest colours, select the lighter of the two colours (mid-tone) and use a flicking technique to apply colour in the overlapping areas.
To blend the two lightest colours, select the lighter of the two colours (lightest colour) and use a flicking technique to apply colour in the overlapping areas.
Tombow ABT PRO Colours

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