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Escoda Aquario short handle Watercolour brushes are a range of natural squirrel hair brushes. These hairs are obtained from the tail of a squirrel that lives in the region of Kazan, in the centre of European Russia. Squirrel hairs are the softest of all-natural fine hairs and because of the hairs natural characteristics, it is the best in retaining liquid. The perfect choice for watercolour painting and ideal for washes, colour mixes and softening edges. It has an enormous ability to absorb water and colour, thus allowing continuous, easily controllable strokes.


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Escoda Aquario

Round Pointed – 3/0, Round Pointed – 0, Round Pointed – 2, Round Pointed – 4, Round Pointed – 6, Round Pointed – 8, Round Pointed – 12, Round Pointed – 16, Round Pointed – 20, Round Pointed – 24, Round Mop – 10, Round Mop – 12, Round Mop – 16, Round Mop – 18, Mottler – 9, Mottler – 12, Mottler – 18, Mottler – 24, Mottler – 30

Short Handle

Red, Grey, Matt Varnished

Aquario Series

S 1125, S 1130, S 2032

1 review for AQUARIO Natural Squirrel Brushes – Escoda

  1. Azariah

    I got some round pointed brushes and a mop brush. Squirrel hair brushes are soft, thirsty brushes which holds much water and paint. It is ideal for washes and juicy strokes. I love the durable handles of these brushes. I prefer these mop brushes above other brands which uses plastic around the bristles. Sometimes water goes into this plastic and remains between the handle and plastic and one can’t get it out. I prefer natural hair for the shape and water holding characteristics. I would love to see short handled sable hair watercolor brushes by Escoda too. Fantastic quality.

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