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Only one per order is allowed.

One colour chart per type allowed (Maximum of 3 colour charts in total per order).

Derwent’s colour media booklet contains information on techniques,  the company history, available ranges of colour pencils, colour charts and a project using all four ranges of colour pencils.

Derwent’s Water-soluble booklet is an informative booklet on all the water-soluble products available, information on how Derwent pencils are made,  colour charts, techniques to use and a project to try with your Derwent water-soluble media.

Derwent Inktense booklet is a comprehensive booklet containing loads of information on the Inktense range of products. This booklet also has a few ideas on what to do with your Inktense products, some tips and techniques and other helpful information.


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Colouring Media, Watersoluble Media, Inktense Expert Guide


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