Copic Airbrushing – Combo Set

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If you have always wanted to try your hand at airbrushing, but thought it was too difficult – this is the system for you. So easy to use and with the wonderful selection of colours in the Copic sketch and Classic range, you will never run out of colour options.  Simply screw the Air Grip to the Air Can, snap a marker into the system and you are ready to airbrush on a wide variety of surfaces!



  • The marker must be attached in the correct direction. Copic Classic must be inserted from “Broad Nib” side. Copic Sketch must be inserted from “Medium Broad Nib” side.
  • Use in an area with good air circulation.
  • Copic markers are alcohol-based. Keep away from open flame.
  • Air Can are under pressure. Do not puncture.
  • Do not spray on people or animals.
Combo Set Includes:
1 × Classic Marker Singles - Copic - Y21 Buttercup Yellow

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1 × Classic Marker Singles - Copic - R20 Blush

In Stock

1 × Classic Marker Singles - Copic - G12 Sea Green

In Stock

1 × Classic Marker Singles - Copic - C9 Cool Gray

In Stock

1 × Classic Marker Singles - Copic - V15 Mallow

In Stock

1 × Classic Marker Singles - Copic - BG15 Aqua

In Stock

1 × Fabriano Smooth Bristol Pads 250gsm - A3 (42 x 29.7cm)

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1 × Copic Opaque White with built-in Fine Brush (6ml) - Copic

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1 × Copic D60N Air Can | Copic Air-brushing System

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1 × Copic Air Grip

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Classic Marker Singles – Copic

Colours in set: Y21 Buttercup Yellow, R20 Blush, G12 Sea Green, C9 Cool Gray, V15 Mallow & BG15 Aqua

The Copic Classic marker is the original style created and remains a popular choice with designers worldwide. The Copic Classic is distinguishable by its rounded, square colour caps and square barrel. It features the Broad Nib and Fine Nib and is the most customizable of the markers as it fits 9 different Copic nibs. The Copic Classic marker range is available in 214 colours and is refillable using the Copic Various Ink Refills. Compatible with Copic ABS.

  • Low Odour, Alcohol-Based Ink
  • Highly Blendable
  • Broad Nib and Fine Nib Standard – Fits 9 different Copic Nibs
  • Refillable
  • Compatible with Copic ABS

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Copic Opaque White With Built-In Fine Brush (6ml) – Copic

Copic Opaque White has good opacifying properties and provides highlight effect and details. This thick white paint won’t bleed into the base colour. Great for adding the final touches to your artwork. Opaque White works great on permanent inks as well as watercolours.


Copic Air Grip

Turn your Copic Sketch marker into an airbrush!

An innovative Copic Airbrush System (ABS) allows you to colour on a wide variety of surfaces and textures. Simply snap a marker into the system and you are ready to go.

Copic Ciao cannot be used with ABS.
* Each compressor uses a different sized hose, so check the diameter carefully before purchasing a new hose or adaptor. Copic airbrush supplies are a standard 1/8″ (PF1/8) hose.


Copic D60N Air Can

Copic’s ABS Air Can D60N matches perfectly with our Air Grip product. Pair these two together and add either a Copic Classic or Copic Sketch marker, and you’re ready to begin using the Copic Air Brush System!

  • 65g
  • For use with Air Hose.
  • To prevent spillage of the Liquid-propellant and premature exhaustion, avoid tilting the can beyond 45-degree angle while in use.
  • Copic Ciao cannot be used with ABS.


Fabriano Smooth Bristol Pad 250gsm


  • Fabriano, the leaders in papermaking since 1264, came up with Bristol, an artist paper that stands out above the rest.  This 250gsm paper has a bright white colour and an incredibly smooth texture that holds a line extremely well.
  • Being acid-free with an ultra-smooth surface it is ideal for ink, solvent-based markers, felt-tip pens, ballpoint, watercolour, gouache, airbrush, pencil and charcoal. The surface is quite durable and resistant to repeated erasure and scraping.
  • Both professionals and students will enjoy using it for illustration, graphic arts, and design.
  • Each pad containing 20 sheets.


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