Copic Refill Alcohol Inks | 12ml

New Copic Refill Inks Coming Soon!

The Copic Refill Inks are in a semi-transparent bottle with level indicator markings on the side to show the remaining amount of ink in the bottle. Its pen-shaped form makes it compact and easy to fit in a Copic wallet for travelling and the special nozzle makes re-inking easy. Refill inks are available for each colour in the Copic range and the newly revamped bottle cap is colour-coded to match the colour of the marker.

Refilling is economical and environmentally friendly as one marker can be refilled and used over and over again. Copic Ink can be used to refill your markers as well as create alcohol ink art by dropping the ink directly to the appropriate medium.

Copic Inks can be used in a multitude of ways for you to express your passion for art.

Quick and easy to refill – Copic Ink nozzle is designed to reach the ink reservoir inside the marker’s barrel to enable smooth and quick refills.


  • Product name – Copic Ink
  • Ingredients – Alcohol dye ink
  • Number of colours – Total of 358 colours
  • Amount of content – 12ml
  • Amount of ink for refill/1 time
    • Sketch:Approx. 1.8ml
    • Ciao:Approx. 1.4ml
    • Classic:Approx. 2.5ml
    • Wide:Approx. 3.4ml
  • Main unit specifications – Length/Approx. 140mm, Diameter/Approx. 15mm, Weight/Approx. 20g


How To Refill Copic

1.Uncap both ends of the marker 2.Using the tweezer tool, pull the broad nib out from the base 3.Insert Copic Ink nozzle into the core of the marker and begin refilling the ink by squeezing the bottle gently 4.Once completed, insert back the nib in place
1. Uncap both ends of the marker 2. Using the tweezer tool, pull the broad nib out from the base 3. Insert Copic Ink nozzle into the core of the marker 4. Once completed, insert back the nib in place


  • Please do not use this product for any purposes other than blending ink.
  • Copic Ink is alcohol-based and flammable. Keep away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Use in a well-ventilated area.
  • Check the ink level of the marker before you add more ink.


Copic Ink/Sketch Colours

0 Colorless Blender, 100 Black, 110 Special Black, B00 Frost Blue, B000 Pale Porcelain Blue, B0000 Pale Celestine, B01 Mint Blue, B02 Robin's Egg Blue, B04 Tahitian Blue, B05 Process Blue, B06 Peacock Blue, B12 Ice Blue, B14 Light Blue, B16 Cyanine Blue, B18 Lapis Lazuli, B21 Baby Blue, B23 Phthalo Blue, B24 Sky, B26 Cobalt Blue, B28 Royal Blue, B29 Ultramarine, B32 Pale Blue, B34 Manganese Blue, B37 Antwerp Blue, B39 Prussian Blue, B41 Powder Blue, B45 Smoky Blue, B52 Soft Greenish Blue, B60 Pale Blue Gray, B63 Light Hydrangea, B66 Clematis, B69 Stratospheric Blue, B79 Iris, B91 Pale Grayish Blue, B93 Light Crockery Blue, B95 Light Grayish Cobalt, B97 Night Blue, B99 Agate, BG000 Pale Aqua, BG0000 Snow Green, BG01 Aqua Blue, BG02 New Blue, BG05 Holiday Blue, BG07 Petroleum Blue, BG09 Blue Green, BG10 Cool Shadow, BG11 Moon White, BG13 Mint Green, BG15 Aqua, BG18 Teal Blue, BG23 Coral Sea, BG32 Aqua Mint, BG34 Horizon Green, BG45 Nile Blue, BG49 Duck Blue, BG53 Ice Mint, BG57 Jasper, BG70 Ocean Mist, BG72 Ice Ocean, BG75 Abyss Green, BG78 Bronze, BG90 Gray Sky, BG93 Green Gray, BG96 Bush, BG99 Flagstone Blue, BV00 Mauve Shadow, BV000 Iridescent Mauve, BV0000 Pale Thistle, BV01 Viola, BV02 Prune, BV04 Blue Berry, BV08 Blue Violet, BV11 Soft Violet, BV13 Hydrangea Blue, BV17 Deep Reddish Blue, BV20 Dull Lavender, BV23 Grayish Lavender, BV25 Grayish Violet, BV29 Slate, BV31 Pale Lavender, BV34 Bluebell, C0 Cool Gray, C00 Cool Gray, C1 Cool Gray No. 1, C10 Cool Gray No. 10, C2 Cool Gray No. 2, C3 Cool Gray No. 3, C4 Cool Gray No. 4, C5 Cool Gray No. 5, C6 Cool Gray No. 6, C7 Cool Gray No. 7, C8 Cool Gray No. 8, C9 Cool Gray No. 9, E00 Cotton Pearl, E000 Pale Fruit Pink, E0000 Floral White, E01 Pink Flamingo, E02 Fruit Pink, E04 Lipstick Natural, E07 Light Mahogany, E08 Brown, E09 Burnt Sienna, E11 Barley Beige, E13 Light Suntan, E15 Dark Suntan, E17 Reddish Brass, E18 Copper, E19 Redwood, E21 Soft Sun, E23 Hazelnut, E25 Caribe Cocoa, E27 Africano, E29 Burnt Umber, E30 Bisque, E31 Brick Beige, E33 Sand, E34 Toast, E35 Chamois, E37 Sepia, E39 Leather, E40 Brick White, E41 Pearl White, E42 Sand White, E43 Dull Ivory, E44 Clay, E47 Dark Brown, E49 Dark Bark, E50 Egg Shell, E51 Milky White, E53 Raw Silk, E55 Light Camel, E57 Light Walnut, E59 Walnut, E70 Ash Rose, E71 Champagne, E74 Cocoa Brown, E77 Maroon, E79 Cashew, E81 Ivory, E84 Khaki, E87 Fig, E89 Pecan, E93 Tea Rose, E95 Tea Orange, E97 Deep Orange, E99 Baked Clay, FB2 Fluorescent Dull Blue, FBG2 Fluorescent Dull Blue Green, FRV1 Fluorescent Pink, FV2 Fluorescent Dull Violet, FY1 Fluorescent Yellow Orange, FYG1 Fluorescent Yellow, FYG2 Fluorescent Dull Yellow Green, FYR1 Fluorescent Orange, G00 Jade Green, G000 Pale Green, G0000 Crystal Opal, G02 Spectrum Green, G03 Meadow Green, G05 Emerald Green, G07 Nile Green, G09 Veronese Green, G12 Sea Green, G14 Apple Green, G16 Malachite, G17 Forest Green, G19 Bright Parrot Green, G20 Wax White, G21 Lime Green, G24 Willow, G28 Ocean Green, G29 Pine Tree Green, G40 Dim Green, G43 Various Pistachio, G46 Mistletoe, G82 Spring Dim Green, G85 Verdigris, G94 Grayish Olive, G99 Olive, N0 Neutral Gray, N1 Neutral Gray, N10 Neutral Gray, N2 Neutral Gray, N3 Neutral Gray, N4 Neutral Gray, N5 Neutral Gray, N6 Neutral Gray, N7 Neutral Gray, N8 Neutral Gray, N9 Neutral Gray, R00 Pinkish White, R000 Cherry White, R0000 Pink Beryl, R01 Pinkish Vanilla, R02 Rose Salmon, R05 Salmon Red, R08 Vermilion, R11 Pale Cherry Pink, R12 Light Tea Rose, R14 Light Rouge, R17 Lipstick Orange, R20 Blush, R21 Sardonyx, R22 Light Prawn, R24 Prawn, R27 Cadmium Red, R29 Lipstick Red, R30 Pale Yellowish Pink, R32 Peach, R35 Coral, R37 Carmine, R39 Garnet, R43 Bougainvillaea, R46 Strong Red, R56 Currant, R59 Cardinal, R81 Rose Pink, R83 Rose Mist, R85 Rose Red, R89 Dark Red, RV00 Water Lily, RV000 Pale Purple, RV0000 Evening Primrose, RV02 Sugared Almond Pink, RV04 Shock Pink, RV06 Cerise, RV09 Fuchsia, RV10 Pale Pink, RV11 Pink, RV13 Tender Pink, RV14 Begonia Pink, RV17 Deep Magenta, RV19 Red Violet, RV21 Light Pink, RV23 Pure Pink, RV25 Dog Rose Flower, RV29 Crimson, RV32 Shadow Pink, RV34 Dark Pink, RV42 Salmon Pink, RV52 Various Cotton Candy, RV55 Hollyhock, RV63 Begonia, RV66 Raspberry, RV69 Peony, RV91 Garyish Cherry, RV93 Smokey Purple, RV95 Baby Blossoms, RV99 Argyle Purple, T0 Toner Gray, T1 Toner Gray, T10 Toner Gray, T2 Toner Gray, T3 Toner Gray, T4 Toner Gray, T5 Toner Gray, T6 Toner Gray, T7 Toner Gray, T8 Toner Gray, T9 Toner Gray, V000 Pale Heath, V0000 Rose Quartz, V01 Heath, V04 Lilac, V05 Azalea, V06 Lavender, V09 Violet, V12 Pale Lilac, V15 Mallow, V17 Amethyst, V20 Wisteria, V22 Ash Lavender, V25 Pale Blackberry, V28 Eggplant, V91 Pale Grape, V93 Early Grape, V95 Light Grape, V99 Aubergine, W0 Warm Gray No. 0, W00 Warm Gray No. 00, W1 Warm Gray No. 1, W10 Warm Gray No. 10, W2 Warm Gray No. 2, W3 Warm Gray No. 3, W4 Warm Gray No. 4, W5 Warm Gray No. 5, W6 Warm Gray No. 6, W7 Warm Gray No. 7, W8 Warm Gray No. 8, W9 Warm Gray No. 9, Y00 Barium Yellow, Y000 Pale Lemon, Y0000 Yellow Fluorite, Y02 Canary Yellow, Y04 Acacia, Y06 Yellow, Y08 Acid Yellow, Y11 Pale Yellow, Y13 Lemon Yellow, Y15 Cadmium Yellow, Y17 Golden Yellow, Y18 Lightning Yellow, Y19 Napoli Yellow, Y21 Buttercup Yellow, Y23 Yellowish Beige, Y26 Mustard, Y28 Lionet Gold, Y32 Cashmere, Y35 Maize, Y38 Honey, YG00 Mimosa Yellow, YG0000 Lily White, YG01 Green Bice, YG03 Yellow Green, YG05 Salad, YG06 Yellowish Green, YG07 Acid Green, YG09 Lettuce Green, YG11 Mignonette, YG13 Chartreuse, YG17 Grass Green, YG21 Anise, YG23 New Leaf, YG25 Celadon Green, YG41 Pale Cobalt Green, YG45 Cobalt Green, YG61 Pale Moss, YG63 Pea Green, YG67 Moss, YG91 Putty, YG93 Grayish Yellow, YG95 Pale Olive, YG97 Spanish Olive, YG99 Marine Green, YR00 Powder Pink, YR000 Silk, YR0000 Pale Chiffon, YR01 Peach Puff, YR02 Light Orange, YR04 Chrome Orange, YR07 Cadmium Orange, YR09 Chinese Orange, YR12 Loquat, YR14 Caramel, YR15 Pumpkin Yellow, YR16 Apricot, YR18 Sanguine, YR20 Yellowish Shade, YR21 Cream, YR23 Yellow Ochre, YR24 Pale Sepia, YR27 Tuscan Orange, YR30 Macadamia Nut, YR31 Light Reddish Yellow, YR61 Spring Orange, YR65 Atoll, YR68 Orange, YR82 Mellow Peach


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