Fibralo Brush 15 Colour Assortment – Caran d’Ache


Water-soluble fibre-tipped pens with a brush tip that allows original experimentation and dynamic lines. The supple, sturdy tips enable fine lines as well as broad strokes with varying line widths of 0.5-5mm, while still retaining their original shape. The formula for the ink is similar to that used for food colouring and so the ink is water-soluble and washable. The ink is transformed on contact with water to create special effects on paper and will not bleed through.

The range of artistic and ultra-bright colours are complementary to the Fibralo collection and are presented in Hexagonal black barrels with caps indicating the colour of each pen. The pens are housed in a convenient plastic pocket with a zip system based on the concept of the school pencil case.

Contents: 15 water-soluble fibre-tipped pens
Applications: The ideal fibre-tipped pen for colouring, drawing, calligraphy, comics, dynamic sketches etc.

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Technical description :

  • Type: Water-soluble fibre-tipped pens with a brush tip, that can create varied lines of between 0.5 mm and 5 mm thick
  • Superior quality water-based ink does not bleed through paper and can be washed out of most modern fabrics
  • Food colouring-based colours, bright and transparent, long life (> 700 m)
  • Warning. Not suitable for children under 3 years because of small parts. Product complies with European standards of toy safety chemical legislation under the European standard CE EN71
  • Techniques: watercolour, washes, stencilling, colour bundling technique, sketching, colouring and transfer printing.

Developed and manufactured in Switzerland.

The 15 water-soluble colours are:

240 Lemon yellow
030 Orange
070 Scarlet
091 Light Purple
110 Lilac
160 Cobalt blue
171 Turquoise blue
230 Yellow Green
460 Peacock Green
065 Russet
033 Golden Ochre
542 Light Flesh
504 Grey
902 Sepia
009 Black



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