Finetec Empty Metal Tray For 12 Pans


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Now there is an empty metal refill tray for you to put all those single Finetec pans in, or use the tin to build up a collection of the colours you want. The metal tray has holders for 12 pans and a hinged lid which can also be used as a palette for mixing colours.

Finetec Pearlescent colours are water-soluble artist colours of excellent quality with the most beautiful colours.  These Mica watercolours dance and shimmer on paper with a magical effect! Manufactured with carefully selected raw materials of superb quality and the highest quality workmanship.

Based on their good lightfastness and high pigmentation these colours are suitable for calligraphy, painting, graphic art and many more. The colours can be mixed and used with other paint media and will adhere to various kinds of absorbent surfaces – even to wood and stone.

  • A natural product that offers a wide variety of metallic shades, from gold and silver to iridescent, shining pearl colours
  • Dissolve with water and apply with a brush
  • Ideal for creating special effects and highlighting and can be blended
  • Colours adhere to all absorbent surfaces, such as paper, wood, gypsum, etc.
  • Refills are available for this product


View our extensive Finetec Watercolour range:

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The innovative Flip-Flop Colours Chameleon Effect changes the colour tone according to the influence of light and the perspective of the viewer. These stunning colours can be intermixed as well as be used in combination with other paint media and will adhere to various kinds of absorbent surfaces – even to wood and stone. This new formulation was developed with artists and with calligraphers and during the development, special attention was paid to the dissolving properties of the paint. Besides the use of brush and nib, the newly formulated paint is also suitable for using a glass calligraphy pen. Create exclusive accents in your art with the newest generation of FINETEC Pearlescent colours.

Finetec Paint Sets are available in tin sets:

    • Pearlescent sets                             
    • Metallic Colours 1 set of 6:  Copper, Bronze, Olympic Gold, Arabic Gold, Champagne Silver and Silver.
    • Metallic Colours 2 set of 6: Olympic Gold, Royal Gold, Arabic Gold, Pearl Gold, Champagne Silver & Silver.
    • Multi Colours set of 12: Amethyst, Sapphire Blue, Caribbean Green, Blue Silver, Deep Black, Mystic Color, Pearl Silver, Pearl Gold, Crystal Gold, Orange Copper, Red, and Purple
    • Iridescent set of 6: Gold, Gold Copper, Light Purple, Amethyst, Sapphire Blue, and Jade Green.
    • Flip-Flop Sets
    • Cool + Flip-Flop Pearlescent set of 6: Pearlescent Colours – Emerald, High Chroma Blue, Vintage Lilac, Platinum, Mint, Flip-Flop Colour – Patina Flip-Flop
    • Warm + Flip-Flop Pearlescent set of 6: Pearlescent Colours – Tangelo, Ruby, Fuchsia, Golden Rose, Hazelnut, Flip-Flop Colours – Gold Flip-Flop
    • Multi Colour + Flip-Flop Pearlescent set of 24: Pearlescent Colours – Crystal Gold, Arabic Gold, Pearl Gold, Olympic Gold, Royal Gold, Bronze, Hazelnut, Golden Rose, Orange Copper, Tangelo, Ruby, Red, Purple, Fuchsia, Amethyst, High Chroma Blue, Caribbean Green, Mint, Silver, Platinum, Blue Silver, Deep Black, Flip-Flop Colours – Patina Flip Flop, Twilight Flip Flop


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