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Krylon’s Gallery Series Artist Sprays and Clear Coatings are sure to become the artist’s choice for protecting, preserving, and beautifying works of art.

All Gallery Series products include a powerful combination of Hindered Amine Light Stabilizer (HALS) and an exclusive UV Absorber (UVA) for maximum protection from ultraviolet light, and advanced protection against smudging, smearing, fading, yellowing, cracking, moisture damage, and more.


Conservation Retouch Varnish Gallery Series (Green Label) is used throughout the painting process to temporarily restore gloss to dried paint colours. It temporarily restores gloss of fresh, wet oil paints and unifies the painting for accurate colour comparison. Oil paints can continue to oxidize and dry through the film. Temporary protection is provided to recently completed paintings until final varnish can be applied.

  • For use on fine art – oil and alkyd paints.
  • Non-yellowing and transparent; contains UV light absorbers and stabilizers.


Conservation Varnish Gallery Series (Yellow Label) protects against fading, dirt, moisture, and even harmful UV light, but will not discolour with age! Conservation Varnish is a low molecular weight varnish that provides the look of damar varnish, but won’t yellow. Colours appear saturated, and even acrylic paintings look more like oil.

  • Contains UV light absorbers and stabilizers.
  • Removable for conservation purposes.
  • For use on fine art – oil, alkyd and acrylic paints.
  • Available in Matte and Gloss.


UV Archival Varnish Gallery Series (Turquoise Label) provides the ultimate in protection against harmful UV rays. Advanced non-yellowing protection against fading, dirt, moisture and discolouration. This varnish contains the industry’s best UV protection with superior levels of light absorbers and stabilizers. It protects acrylic, watercolour, oil pastel, coloured pencil, oil and more.

  • Provides the highest UV protection in artist quality coatings.
  • Removable with mineral spirits or isopropyl alcohol.
  • Durable, flexible, fast-drying, and non-yellowing.
  • Available in Matte, Satin, Semi-Gloss and Gloss.
  • Removable for conservation purposes.


Although the varnish dries to touch in 30–35 minutes under normal conditions, wait 24 hours before handling artwork to avoid fingerprints.


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How to use:

  • Matt or satin varnish is gloss varnish with matting agents. When using a matt or satin varnish, for brush or spray application, the varnish must be shaken very well before use to ensure the even dispersion throughout the solution of any matting agents that may have settled in the container. The time period of the agitation is much longer than you’d think. Shake it a lot! If your matt varnish appears to be gloss varnish on your painting then you haven’t shaken it enough.
  • If applying varnish with a brush the artwork can be upright or flat. The varnish or lacquer should be applied in a thin coat quickly and evenly. If a second coat is applied it should be done in the opposite direction.
  • If applying varnish or fixative with a spray the work is usually upright. The spray is applied in a regular pattern – the first coat from left to right and the second from top to bottom – after the first coat is dry. Spray from a distance of 30 – 40 cm. To insure an even coating be sure that you go past the edge of the painting at each pass of the spray.
  • If you plan to use an aerosol spray fixative or varnish on a large surface area, you might wish to try using two cans, alternating between them. When a spray nozzle is held down over a long period of time the pressure drops inside the can and this may lead to an uneven “spitting” effect of the spray. Switching between two cans allows the pressure to build up again in the resting can.
  • To avoid clogged-up spray nozzles you should wipe the nozzle directly after each use with a dry cloth. If the nozzle does become clogged you can clean it with acetone or another cleaner with solvents.
  • Don’t forget that varnishes and fixatives may contain volatile organic solvents and, therefore, should only be used in well-ventilated rooms. Keep your lungs safe!


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Conservation Retouch Varnish, Conservation Varnish Matte, Conservation Varnish Gloss, UV Archival Varnish Matte, UV Archival Varnish Satin, UV Archival Varnish Semi-Gloss, UV Archival Varnish Gloss


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