Hard Pastel Sticks – 6pc Blister Pack – Staedtler

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Quality hard pastel sticks.

  • Water-soluble for sketching, drawing and mixed media.
  • Six colours: Sepia, Sanguine, Burnt Umber, White, Light Gray and Ivory Black.
  • All colours can be combined, smudged or dissolved in water.
  • Some breakage occurring in the package is normal.

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Both beginner and advanced artists will enjoy using these hard pastel sticks. Being water-soluble, a variety of effects can be created when sketching, drawing or using these with mixed media. The stick has a versatile design for various effects and the blendable colours offer high pigmentation qualities. Blend dry with a paper stump, soft cloth or finger and use a water brush or paintbrush to moisten and mix shades or create light tints.

6 tints in the set, sepia, sanguine, burnt umber, white, light grey and ivory black.


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