Ink Cartridges Chromatics 6pc – Caran d’Ache


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Contains: 6 small cartridges in international format

The twelve colours of the Chromatics collection are also available in convenient small ink cartridges, compatible with all Caran d’Ache fountain pens.

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Delicate GreenCaran-dAche-Ink-Cartridges-Ink-Cartridges-Vibrant-GreenR85.00
1 in Stock
Divine PinkCaran-dAche-Ink-Cartridges-Ink-Cartridges-Divine-PinkR85.00
1 in Stock
Electric OrangeCaran-dAche-Ink-Cartridges-Ink-Cartridges-Electric-OrangeR85.00
1 in Stock
Magnetic BlueCaran-dAche-Ink-Cartridges-Ink-Cartridges-Magnetic-BlueR85.00
1 in Stock
Organic BrownR85.00
1 in Stock
Vibrant GreenCaran-dAche-Ink-Cartridges-Ink-Cartridges-Vibrant-GreenR85.00
1 in Stock

Contains 6 small cartridges in the international format, available in twelve colours and compatible with all Caran d’Ache fountain pens.


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