Lead Holders and Leads – Cretacolor


Cretacolor lead holders make working with 5.6 mm leads much easier. It protects the leads from breaking and keeps hands clean. Comfortable to grip, with a choice of two forms. Each Lead Holder comes with a 2B Graphite Lead!  Choose either the Ergonomic holder or Black holder.

Artists’ Leads Set – Lead Ø 5,6 mm, length 120 mm, 6 pcs. in a plastic box –
This set contains six different coloured leads and is therefore the perfect basic sketching lead assortment: White Pastel, Sanguine oil, Sepia light, Sepai dark, Graphite 4B, Charcoal.

Single colour leads6 leads in a box – are available in 9 options: Sanguine Oil, Sepia Light, White Chalk, Charcoal Soft, Charcoal Medium, Nero Medium, Graphite 2B, 4B and 6B


Available Options:


Set of 6, Charcoal Soft, Charcoal Medium, Nero Medium, White Chalk, Sanguine Oil, Sepia Light, Graphite 2B, Graphite 4B, Graphite 6B, Ergonomic Holder, Black Holder


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