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Zest-it Masking Fluid Remover is ideal to remove old and/or dried-on masking fluid from brushes, clothes and equipment. This method works well for brushes ‘stiff’ with masking fluid.

Soak the brush in a small amount of Zest-it Masking Fluid Remover for about fifteen minutes, it should look soft and feel ‘gooey’ to the touch. Gently roll the filaments between your fingers with a kitchen towel or similar to loosen the masking fluid. Remove the ‘gooey’ masking fluid then wash the brush in Zest-it. Repeat as necessary. When all masking fluid has been removed, wash the brush and your hands in soap and water until clean. Allow the used fluid to stand overnight, decant off and reuse the fluid.

Available in a 50ml bottle.


The Hinging Tape and Glue Dot Remover have been incorporated into Zest-it Artists Adhesive Remover, which will remove most ‘sticky’ residue left by adhesive tape, dots and labels. It is non-staining, it evaporates completely from surfaces and leaves no residue of itself in or on the work.

Available in a 125ml bottle.


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