Oil & Acrylic Workshop – Walter Foster


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Classic and contemporary techniques for painting expressive works of art.

Create contemporary and colourful works of art using a variety of traditional and unique painting techniques with Oil & Acrylic Workshop. From classic tools to modern twists, it’s all here to try out!

Break out the art supplies, because it’s time to discover how to create beautifully textured, vibrant, and colourful works of fine art. Oil & Acrylic Workshop guides you through harnessing both traditional and unique painting tools when putting media to the canvas in new and surprising ways.

Whether you’re an aspiring or established artist, you will relish setting aside the paintbrush in exchange for the palette knife, sponges, and even your fingers to create colourful, contemporary works of art. This book comes packed with techniques for working with oil and acrylic, as well as colour theory and approachable step-by-step projects.

Don’t miss the featured projects, including the art of creating landscapes, mastering animals, painting delicate flowers, and much more. Budding artists will become masters of new and engaging painting techniques in no time.

Author: Kimberly Adams
Author: Bridget Skanski-Such
Author: Yiqi Li
Format: Paperback / softback, 128 Pages
ISBN: 9781633222809
Publisher: Walter Foster



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