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Oil paint can be used ‘as is’ straight from the tube, but it’s not always possible to make the paint move and behave as you would like it to. Painting mediums are there to aid an artist to get just the right consistency of paint to create the desired effect. The various painting mediums have qualities or characteristics of their own, which they give to the paint they are mixed with.

The qualities are usually in the form of  thinning, thickening or softening the paint, levelling out the brush strokes, making it a glaze, speeding or slowing down the drying time, or giving it a gloss finish or combinations thereof. Zest-it offers a range of these painting mediums made with safer-to-use formulas.

Available options:

  • Lean Painting Medium.
  • Cold Wax Painting Medium.

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Available Options:


Available options:

Lean Painting Medium has a thin viscosity and a small amount goes a long way. It is a light, thin medium with more solvent than oil and gives an excellent ‘key’ to further painting.

At the start of a traditional oil painting, the Zest-it Lean Painting Medium is ideal to lay in the under-painting or foundation. The under-painting is often done with oil paint thinned with solvent only, this can sometimes fail due to the excessive use of a solvent to thin the paint. The Lean Painting Medium saves that from happening,  keeping the oil paint from becoming ‘under-bound’, following the ‘fat over lean’ principle and building a strong foundation for further work.  Thin the desired oil paint as thin as ink, use Burnt Umber for speed of drying, sketch in the design and allow to dry. Thinning oil paint, in the same way, can then be used to ‘colour the ground’, this is where this thinner paint is used to alter the white canvas to something more suitable.

The Lean Painting Medium also makes an excellent medium for Dry-brush Oil Painting. This is where very little, lightly thinned, oil paint is used like Graphite powder or Pencil on watercolour paper. Most artists use Black, Grey, Neutral or Burnt Umber, the finished work often has a softness and beautiful blending. It is a technique used in Russia, where it is well known for the portraits that street artists complete for the sitter.

Available in a 250ml bottle.


Cold Wax Painting Medium is a smooth, thick, firm paste and the reference to ‘cold’ is because it does not need or require heat.  Mix with Oil paint to give texture and add more substance to the oil paint, makes impasto easier to achieve and speeds the drying time.  It can be used with a brush, a painting knife, shapers, rollers, wedges, silicon blades and tools of your choice.  Add pigments, powdered metals, marble dust and other fine art materials to increase the visual depth and surface finish  It can be applied to canvas, paper, board or panel, birch ply panel, waxed raw canvas or other material of your choice. It dries to a very cohesive and stable finish that can be ‘varnished’ with a coat of Cold Wax, or just buffed with a soft cloth, or left ‘as is’.  It is non-flammable and not classed as a hazardous product, therefore does not need or require an (M)SDS.  Most other Cold Wax’s use a flammable solvent like OMS, Thinners or similar.  It does not contain any Aromatics or CFC’s, it is also biodegradable and is therefore kinder to the environment, it is also non-toxic.

Dispose of any wax/paint sludge by putting onto damp sand or soil in a container.  Do Not throw liquid or brush washings down the sink!

Available in a 50gm tub.


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Oil Medium

Glazing Medium Light, Lean Paint Medium, Cold Wax Liquifying Medium, Cold Wax Painting Medium


50gm, 80gm, 250ml


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