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OPEN Slow-Drying Acrylics are colours for professional artists that are formulated with an optimum balance of pigment load and 100% acrylic polymer dispersion to produce a paint with a uniquely relaxed set of working characteristics and a versatility that allows artists to explore a wider range of techniques such as portraiture and landscape painting that rely on softening, shading, glazing, and creating fine detail.

OPEN Acrylics lend themselves to both layering and blending in some ways that are reminiscent of oils. Thin applications of OPEN Acrylics can be blended for extended periods, allowing one to develop smooth transitions and to manipulate edges. OPEN Slow-Drying Acrylics remain wet on the palette for prolonged periods without skinning over and can be blended with most GOLDEN Acrylics, Mediums and Gels, with the open time of the resulting mixtures being proportionately reduced. They can be thinned with either water or OPEN Thinner. When used in conjunction with OPEN Thinner, which is formulated to replenish volatile components and maintain a long working time, OPEN Acrylics can be kept wet and blendable for many hours and even days. OPEN Gel or Medium can also be added at any ratio to help maintain the working time while modifying transparency, sheen, or viscosity.

Over time, thin applications will pass through several stages where the paint will begin to slowly setup and its tack increases. During this time, which can last for many hours, subsequent applications of any OPEN products or water can continue to reopen layers and allow one to continue blending and developing complex passages and fine details.

Product features:

  • Slow-drying acrylic, reminiscent of oils.
  • Thick applications can dry extremely slowly, recommend for artists to only use OPEN Colors thinly (< 1 mm).
  • Drying time can also be accelerated by mixing OPEN Acrylics with faster-drying Golden acrylics like the Fluid and Heavy Body colours.
  • Suitable for a wide variety of techniques: shading, glazing, printmaking, and more.
  • Colours can be used for weeks if kept in covered palettes or sealed containers.
  • Available in 80 colours in 59ml tubes.


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Colour Disclaimer. Actual colours may vary since every computer monitor has a different capability to display colours and everyone sees these colours differently. We cannot guarantee that the colour you see accurately portrays the true colour of the product.


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Vegan-friendly product as per Golden Artist Colors, Inc. except for:
Bone Black, Jenkins Green & Prussian Blue Hue.



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Cadmium Yellow Primrose (7135) – S7, Bismuth Vanadate Yellow (7007) – S9, Benzimidazolone Yellow Light (7009) -S3, Benzimidazalone Yellow Medium (7008) – S3, Hansa Yellow Opaque (7191) – S4, Cadmium Yellow Medium (7130) – S7, Nickel Azo Yellow (7225) – S6, Indian Yellow Hue (7455) – S4, Quinacridone/ Nickel Azo Gold (7301) – S7, Quinacridone Burnt Orange (7280) – S7, Cadmium Yellow Dark (7110) – S7, Diarylide Yellow (7147) – S6, Cadmium Orange (7070) – S8, Pyrrole Orange (7276) – S8, Cadmium Red Light (7090) – S9, Naphthol Red Light (7210) – S5, Pyrrole Red (7277) – S8, Cadmium Red Medium (7100) – S9, Cadmium Red Dark (7080) – S9, Pyrrole Red Dark (7278) – S8, Naphthol Red Medium (7220) – S5, Quinacridone Red (7310) – S6, Alizarin Crimson Hue (7450) – S7, Quinacridone Crimson (7290) – S7, Permanent Maroon (7252) – S7, Quinacridone Magenta (7305) – S7, Manganese Blue Hue (7457) – S1, Cobalt Turquoise (7144) – S8, Viridian Green Hue (7469) – S1, Terre Verte Hue (7468) – S1, Titan Green Pale (7371) – S1, Titan Buff (7370) – S1, Yellow ochre (7407) – S1, Yellow Oxide (7410) – S1, Raw Sienna (7340) – S1, Mars Yellow (7202) – S1, Red Oxide (7360) – S1, Violet Oxide (7405) – S1, Burnt Sienna (7020) – S1, Burnt Umber (7030) – S1, Raw Umber (7350) – S1, Carbon Black (7040 – S1, Bone Black (7010) – S1, Zinc White (7415) – S1, Titanium White (7380) – S1, Neutral Gray N5 (7445) – S1, Ultramarine Blue (7400) – S2, Light Ultramarine Blue (7566) – S2, Cobalt Blue (7140) – S8, Cerulean Blue, Chromium (7050) – S7, Naples Yellow Hue (7459) – S2, Payne's Gray (7240) – S2, Teal (7369) – S3, Cobalt Teal (7145) – S7, Chromium Oxide Green Dark (7061) – S3, Chromium Oxide Green (7060) – S3, Green Gold (7170) – S7, Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide (7386) – S3, Transparent Red Iron Oxide (7385) – S3, Transparent Brown Iron Oxide (7383) – S3, Van Dyke Brown Hue (7462) – S3, Ultramarine Violet (7401) – S4, Dioxazine Purple (7150) – S6, Prussian Blue Hue (7460) – S4, Phthalo Blue R.S (7260) – S4, Phthalo Blue G.S (7255) – S4, Phthalo Green B.S (7270) – S4, Phthalo Green Y.S (7275) – S4, Permanent Green Light (7250) – S4, Cobalt Green (7142) – S4, Jenkins Green (7195) – S7, Sap Green Hue (7461) – S4, Iridescent Copper (Fine) (7482) – S7, Iridescent Bronze (Fine) (7481) – S7, Iridescent Gold (Fine) (7484) – S6, Iridescent Bright Gold (Fine) (7480) – S7, Iridescent Pearl (Fine) (7486) – S4, Iridescent Silver (Fine) (7487) – S5, Permanent Violet Dark (7253) – S7, Anthraquinone Blue (7005) – S7

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