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Lukas Painting Medium 5, also known as Painting Butter, is used to mix with oil paints for impasto techniques. It is a transparent, slightly amber-tinted mixture of alkyds, thickeners and driers – with the same consistency as oil paints. It allows you to paint in heavy impasto layers without wasting pigment.

It is very heavy-bodied and therefore gives extremely thick oil colours, accelerates drying, and reduces wrinkling. Lukas Painting Medium 5 Painting Butter is non-yellowing and once dry your paint layer will be resistant to turpentine. The Painting butter can be used in almost any proportion with oil paint. The more oil content the paint has, the higher the paint butter dose should be to prevent the paint layer from wrinkling later. Oil paint and Painting Butter have the same viscosity, which is why they can be processed together very easily. With a knife, the painting butter can be mixed well with the paint on the palette and results in an immediately usable, colour-identical paste.

Available in a 37ml tube.


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