Pen 68 Metallic Metal Box of 6 – Stabilo

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Never dull, always brilliant!  Thanks to the excellent coverage and robust M-tip, even delicate works of art are visible on dark paper or card.

Give your DIY creations that special sparkle
The STABILO Pen 68 metallic’s five elegant shades will add that special shimmer to all of your creations – whether birthday cards, invitations, or creative hand-lettering.

As in the popular Pen 68 fibre-tip pen, the ink is water-based. No need to shake or pump to get the colour to apply properly – simply get started! The robust medium-thickness tip with 1.4 mm line width makes the pen suitable even for delicate drawings and curly lettering.

The metallic colours of gold, silver and copper are perfect for festive designs, whilst metallic blue and metallic green bring a touch of freshness to the palette. The excellent coverage means that the colours stand out on white, coloured or especially dark paper or card. For all DIY enthusiasts and Pen 68 fans.

The set includes: 1 x gold, 2 x silver, 1 x copper, 1 x metallic blue and 1 x metallic green.


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The five beautiful colours of Stabilo Pen 68 metallic pens – bring a touch of class to your ideas.


Product features:

  • Plenty of variety with five shimmery metallic colours: gold, silver, copper, metallic blue and metallic green.
  • Good visibility thanks to the excellent coverage of the metallic colours, especially on dark paper or card.
  • Get creative straight away – no shaking or pumping necessary.
  • Set highlights with high brilliance and luminosity.
  • Full-colour application via robust M-tip (Medium).
  • Detailed drawing with 1.4 mm line width.
  • Well-known STABILO Pen 68 water-based inks.




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