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PITT Graphite Pure leads are ideal for creating contrasts and shading extended areas. The different grades of hardness range from a delicate grey hue to a deep graphite black and offer artists a wide range of possibilities. These pencils offer unparalleled possibilities for spontaneous expression, creating different effects based on the pressure applied and grade of hardness. The PITT graphite crayons are an ideal and very economical medium for working on very large sketches and areas.

As these crayons are too big for a normal sharpener, we recommend using a sanding block or sharpening knife to sharpen the point. The graphite powder can then be collected and used with cotton wool to shade large areas!

  • Pitt Graphite crayons in supreme artist quality
  • Ideal for sketches, shading and frottage (rubbing graphite/charcoal on paper over a textured surface).
  • Deep and intense stroke
  • Degree of hardness: 2B
  • Lead diameter: 3.8mm, Hexagonal cross-section 12mm,


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Faber-Castell’s PITT Graphic range provides all creative artists with an extensive range of pencils and crayons in different grades of hardness for sketching, graphic design and shading work. The “green pencil from Faber”, which was already being mentioned with approval by Van Gogh and Goethe, has now become part of everyday life.

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