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Quick Dry For Oil Colours – Luckily, Krylon has come up with a solution for oil painters on a schedule: Quick Dry for Oil Paintings.

Market-unique aerosol product that increases oxidation of oil paints, allowing them to dry two to three times faster. Can be used at any stage of the creation process, including between paint layers to prevent blending and to add highlights. Mix into paint like a medium to improve flow and dry time. Spray lightly onto completed painting for transporting before fully dry. Contains UV light absorbers and stabilizers. Available in 11 oz. aerosol

  • Speeds up drying of oil paints by 2 to 3 times
  • Prevents blending and colour migration when sprayed between paint layers
  • Can be mixed directly with paint to improve flow and shorten drying time
  • A light coat over a finished piece can help when transporting a painting that is not fully dry
  •  For use on fine art – oil paints and oil pastels
  • Snap and Spray Accessory Sold Seperately
  • Dry to touch: 10-15 minutes; oil paint dry time depends on thickness
  • Dry to handle: 24-72 hours
  • For use on: Fine Art Surfaces

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