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Suitable for etching, collographs, embossing, unmounted linoleum and paper lithography printing. Made of solid steel with a powder-coated finish, this press gives uniform pressure for excellent reproduction of prints.

With a 26cm x 41cm metal bedplate, this unit is capable of printing up to a 22.8 x 38cm size. The all-steel construction ensures long use and service and the 3.5 x 25.4cm upper and lower roller is adjustable to accommodate various types of printing. Smooth 360° action is easy with the simple L-shaped handle. Easily installs onto a bench. The weight of the press is about 9kg. Included is a felt etching blanket of approximately 4mm thick, 22.8cm wide and 38cm long.

Overall dimensions: 24.77 x 31.43 x 17.15cm.

(An etching press is a machine with two metal rollers through which a flat press bed slides under pressure. On top of the press bed is the paper and inked printing matrix (e.g. linocut, etching, collagraph) and the image is transferred from the matrix to the paper due to the pressure. Usually, the printing press is powered by hand.


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Table Top Press Etching Press Package.

Etching presses have long been utilised for the production of relief prints. For linocuts, woodcuts or other forms of relief, an etching press allows for speed of printing as well as good, even pressure. The top roller of the etching press can be raised to accommodate blocks and plates of various thicknesses. So long as the roller is running at about the right height when it reaches the block, a print can be taken without the block or paper moving since the roller doesn’t have to ‘climb’ the printing block. Similarly, for those printmakers interested in letterpress, etching presses have also been utilised for printing from photopolymer plates. Embossing, which is now quite desired in letterpress prints, can be achieved on an etching press adapted for relief printing.

This press won’t take up too much space in your studio but you should think about positioning the press with plenty of room around for printing. Not being heavy enough, will mean that it requires securing to a bench or table when printing. The steel side plates have holes cut near the base at either side and these should be used to attach clamps or bolts in a variety of configurations depending on your chosen set-up. If you want to secure the press to a tabletop then the simplest option is with C shaped screw clamps. You will only require one pair to successfully secure and print. Another method adopted is to permanently secure the press to a heavy piece of plywood or MDF thus adding to the overall weight and then use C-clamps to secure the base to a tabletop.

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Rolfes Etching Press

Table Top Etching Press


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