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The Kuretake Zig 2 Way glue pens offers you a permanent or temporary bonding agent with the added convenience and precision of a pen. The pen shape makes it easy to use, with drip-free application to prevent messes and keep your workspace clean. The glue is blue when wet and dries clear. For a permanent bond, attach your papers and other items while the glue is still wet. If you just need a temporary bond, apply the glue lightly and use it after it dries.

This versatile glue pen offers endless creative possibilities: use for art and craft projects such as scrapbooking, foil calligraphy, wrapping, and much more!

Product features:

  • Temporary/permanent glue.
  • Blue when wet, dries clear.
  • Acid-free and xylene-free.
  • Available in marker pens with a variety of tips.

Available options:

  • Squeeze & Roll – 1mm Ballpoint Tip.
  • Chisel Tip – 4mm Felt Tip.
  • Broad Tip – 15mm Felt Tip.

A Combo Pack with 1 of each: Fine Tip, Chisel Tip, and Squeeze & Roll, is also available. The Fine Tip is a 2mm Felt Tip and is not sold separately.


Replace cap firmly after use to ensure the pen does not dry out.


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Broad Tip, Squeeze and Roll, Chisel Tip, Combo Pack


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