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Professional is a collection of plain colour exercise books, suitable for all creative needs, with a refined and elegant design, typical of craftsmanship and ‘Made in Italy’ style.


  • Black – 90 x 140mm (Mini) 128 Pages
  • Grey – 90 x 140mm (Mini) 128 Pages


120gsm, Ruled

Repap stone paper is made with recycled materials from the construction sector without using trees, water and toxic substances. The result is a waterproof and biodegradable paper, with brilliant white, velvety and more resistant than the traditional one.

Ogami notebooks are new and unusual products in which the attention to design and the study of materials merge to create an original and unique notebook.

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Ogami was created with the aim of making a common object, like a notebook, a unique product with an original and recognizable style. The innovative and high-quality materials, the finishes and technologies give to the paper unique characteristics.

REPAP, the stone paper in which Ogami notebooks are made, is waterproof, tear-resistant and characterized by an irresistible silky touch that will make you discover the pleasure of writing differently.

Ogami uses REPAP in all the production lines. REPAP is made up of 80% calcium carbonate (CaCO3) and 20% non-toxic resins. the calcium carbonate comes from limestone recovered from quarries and from building industry waste. Mixed up with resins it makes REPAP a resistant, durable and waterproof paper as well as soft, smooth and recyclable.

Notebook with uncoated 300gr. paper cover, internal REPAP paper 120 microns, handmade Point Singer binding, inside pocket and a leaflet explaining OGAMI paper characteristics.





2 reviews for Professional Hardcover Notebooks | Made in Repap – Ogami

  1. 4.50 out of 5


    I received this ingenious little note book as a free sample with my order. Impressed by the make of paper content (saving our trees), I found ink pens and graphite pencils responded beautifully to its surface. The surface has a silky but good “grip” for pens and pencils and lays down pigment with ease and comfort.
    The “silkiness” of the paper surface compliments the light spongy feel when writing.
    I personally love this paper but am puzzled with what would best erase an error! I found a pencil eraser do not remove the mistake and “dented” the surface – interesting?

  2. 4.50 out of 5


    Loved this book, I use it for making my art visuals ideas and notes. I mainly use pencil in my book. Erasing is not a breeze, but I dont mind, since it is only my note book. It really is a lovely smooth writing experience. I would definately recommend it. Love the whole feel of the cover too. Thank you Art savings club for giving me the opportunity to experience such an awesome little book.

    • Art Savings Club

      We are glad you love the book ☺

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