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Part 2: Oil Pastels – Informed Decisions: Brands and Papers

A journey from almost giving up on Oil Pastels to mastering it… For every artistic person, there is an art medium that will set their soul ablaze and where a passionate affair begins! It also takes trying new mediums to find out what that passion is. For me, that happens to be oil pastels. Why […]

Oil Pastels – Myth Busters

I am excited to be writing this blog for Artsavingsclub because as an Oil Pastelist, I myself only know of a few others who use and love this medium. Given that at the beginning of my art journey, I almost did not continue to become an Oil Pastelist – I now have a good idea […]

Watercolour Sticks – Fad or Fabulous?

When we first heard about Daniel Smith watercolour sticks, we were sceptical. Were they necessary in addition to pans and/or tubes?  We decided to investigate! What are watercolour sticks? They are professional-grade Daniel Smith pigments, mixed with gum arabic, hand-rolled into cylinder shapes, and baked hard in an oven. Roughly 7.5cm long and 1cm in [...]

How Princeton Catalyst Blades Give Your Creativity a New Edge

Are you looking for something different for your studio? Equipment that will help you create fresh effects with your paints? Or what about sculpture? You could even use these tools in your kitchen! Princeton’s Catalyst silicone blades open up new options for you. Well, that is the promise so I wanted to test out these […]

Choosing White Oil Paint? See the Different Options from Rembrandt Oil Colours.

White paint is by far the most misunderstood colour on an artist’s palette. How to use white paint forms a major part of my teaching of beginners and intermediate artists. Why does white paint confuse many artists? One problem is that white paint is overused. Another is the large selection of white paints available. Using […]

The beautiful muted tones of Derwent Graphitint Paint Set.

When asked recently to try out the Derwent Graphitint Paint Set, it couldn’t have come at a better time. I had been asked to do a commission from a tiny version of a really old photo- a REALLY old photo – which meant the quality of the photo was rather shocking, to say the least! […]

Solvent-free oil painting is here!

Many artists who want to start oil painting hesitate to begin because they do not want to deal with solvents. The smell of solvents is unpleasant. The health issues associated with solvents such as allergies and headaches scare them off. There are also environmental reasons. Especially the question of how to dispose of solvents safely. […]

Introducing the delicious Caran D’Ache NeoPastel (and some handy tips on surface and application!)

I’ve been eyeing the Caran D’Ache Neopastel sets for a while. Being a confessed pastel junkie, I felt that there was a bit of a gap in my repertoire – one simply cannot be a pastelaholic without having tried and tested them all! What is an Oil Pastel? The difference between an oil pastel and […]

What Makes Golden Heavy Body Acrylics different from the rest?

Acrylic paints continue to grow in popularity among hobbyists and professionals. If you are thinking about starting in acrylics, then now is a great time because the choice of paints has never been this good. Why do I say that? Most of the acrylic paints on the market have been student grade although some are […]


A question we are often asked is, “What is the difference between Fimo Soft and Fimo Professional?” Without getting too technical, the short answer is that they both do the same thing. They are interchangeable, can be used together BUT  one is harder than the other in its consistency. That being said, there is a […]

Meet Fabriano Artist’s Paper! Perfect for All Your Creative Needs.

There is no debate. If you are an artist you cannot resist a blank sheet of paper! Good quality paper tempts every artist to draw, doodle or sketch. Then how about painting? Watercolour, acrylics, gouache, pastels and even oil paints can be used on paper. What about printmaking? No problem. Thanks to Fabriano you can […]

Rotring – Utilitarian Excellence.

Do you know how successful business-folk often look for opportunities to gracefully unsheathe flashy fountain pens from their suit pockets as if they’re King Arthur pulling the sword from the stone? It makes a statement. People in their field notice and know that they take pride in their occupation, and their pens are almost like […]

Discover Derwent Lightfast coloured pencils

My very first ‘proper’ coloured pencil set was a beautiful tin of Derwent Coloursoft. While they were great as an introductory set, I soon realised I wanted to achieve more with coloured pencils and moved on to greener pastures and a different pencil brand. For a long time, Derwent didn’t really offer an artist-quality coloured […]

Lyra Hard Pastel Grey and Brown Tones Sets

Which will be your favourite – the greys or the browns? I’ve noticed these Lyra Hard Pastel Grey and Brown tones sets a few times while shopping for art supplies and on more than one occasion have had them in my basket with the intention of buying. Somehow each time I have talked myself out […]

How do I loosen up my watercolour technique?

If I only had a thousand bucks for every time I’ve heard it asked in the shop, imagine the number of art supplies I’d be able to afford… It’s easy to achieve with a little bit of courage and yes, I said courage because this will stretch you as an artist. Why courage Ash, you […]

Caran D’Ache NeoColor II Aquarelle – Once you’ve tried them, you will love them forever…

These are one of those products that can be quite deceiving at first glance. They look like the crayons you used at school right?? Well yes, but that is where the similarity ends. What’s the deal with the NeoColor II Aquarelles? Caran D’Ache is a brand known world wide for excellent quality art materials and […]

First impressions of Faber-Castell’s Albrecht Dürer Watercolour Markers by Ronel Swart

Recently Artsavingsclub sent artist, Ronel Swart, some Faber-Castell Albrecht Dürer Watercolour markers to review.  Her first response to these fantastic markers were: “A BURST OF PURE COLOUR… like a fruit salad, it attacks your senses!” In an effort to review these markers for us, she decided to create quite a few pieces to show the remarkable […]

Oil and water don’t mix!

Remember the adage, “Oil and water don’t mix,” well we watercolour artists have a different take on this!    A little known but age-old trick to add a little texture to your painting is to use an oil patina technique. Interestingly it involves mixing it up with a little oil paint and turpentine.  If you’re […]

Is Maimeri Classico the Best Value Student Oil Paint?

Oil painters are spoilt for choice at Artsavingsclub. The range of student oil paints is growing and the quality of the paints are improving too. No doubt it is a highly competitive market as paint manufacturers try to get their share of the painting enthusiast’s budget. Recently Artsavingsclub added Maimeri’s Classico range of oil paints […]

What surprises lurk in your art supplies?

Imagine the following scenario with me if you would. Standing in your favourite art store, item in hand thinking, “I’d love to try this.” That impulse kicks in and the words echo in your heart, “Sold!!! I’m taking this…” Fast forward two years later and by some random chance you discover the aforementioned purchase and […]

Ghiant Waterbased Spray Varnish for Oils and Acrylics – Say Goodbye to Toxic Sprays

In my opinion, every painting needs a good coat of varnish. Varnish brings out the best in the colours of a painting and especially the dark hues get a deeper and richer look. Varnish protects the painting and makes it easier to dust and wipe clean, yet many artists fail to varnish their oil and […]

Smashing Artist’s Block in 2020!

How can we smash this thing called the artist’s block into a thousand pieces and then use those same pieces to create a masterpiece? It’s highly likely that at some point you will find yourself at an absolute artistic standstill. Both your creativity and inspiration could be so dammed up you might even consider giving […]

A whole lot of brilliance – Lukas Aquarell 1862

When Lukas Aquarell 1862 was first mentioned to me, I have to admit, I was rather sceptical as I had (up to that point) not had any experience of using their products. The Lukas brand might not be a brand known to many watercolour artists as yet, but I do think they are starting to […]

Experimenting with a Terrific Trio: W&N Masking Fluid, Texture Medium and Granulation Medium

    I love learning. Not so much those standard type of subjects like math or history, but when it comes to art techniques, I don’t think I could ever get bored. I think the exciting thing about art is that the learning never stops – and as long as you are willing to experiment, […]

Become a Bob Ross Painting Master

If you are reading this you probably know him already. The artist with the soothing voice and impressive afro hairstyle that paints happy landscapes. The world’s most recognised artist on television. Loved by millions of fans for his engaging painting lessons. Yes, Bob Ross is the legend who continues to inspire artists the world over […]

Book Review: Caran d’Ache Workshop Handbook

Every nerd can count books as a vice – and I’m no exception. I also am an unabashed Caran d’Ache fan, so it is no surprise that I treated myself to the Caran d’Ache Workshop Handbook titled ‘Atelier Caran d’Ache’ recently. A book, as they say, should not be judged by its cover. I can […]

Why You Need Painting Knives and Tips on Using Them

The humble painting knife has experienced a resurgence in popularity in the past year or two. Paintings completed with a painting knife have a wonderful texture and energy that many collectors find irresistible. The painting knife also offers many techniques that will help artists paint better in general. Let us take a close look at […]

Hot Press, Cold Press or Rough – decisions… decisions.

When starting my watercolour journey I had no idea how confusing it would be. I thought at least the process of procuring supplies would be easy – after all, you simply need brushes, paint and paper, right? Well, was I in for a surprise – as I’m sure many others starting out have found. The […]

50 Shapes of Pastel: Pastel Surfaces (Part 2)

In the first instalment of this series, I discussed the various pastels available to us and if you missed that discussion, have a look here. No medium is complete without the correct surface, however – and none more so than pastel. Apply pastel to the wrong paper and even the slightest touch will smear the […]

Popular Pastelmat Paper and Van Gogh Soft Pastels Tested

Just when you thought you have tried out all types of pastel paper, along comes a new one that promises to be better. I have heard much about Clairefontaine’s Pastelmat paper, but I was a little sceptical. After all good pastel paper is plentiful. Would Pastelmat offer something different? Keep reading to find out plus […]

Meet Fathima Kathrada: Hand Letterer and Illustrator

One of the perks of being involved with the Artsavingsclub blog is having a great excuse to chat with other creatives. I am very inspired by their ideas and journeys and Fathima Kathrada is no exception. She has an easy laugh, bubbling spirit and I could have chatted with her all day. Her energy and […]

thINK like a printer

CMYK – a four colour palette with a wide spectrum Firstly let’s get the CMYK acronym out into the open – it stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. Yes, I know ‘black’ is with a ‘B’ so why not CMYB? Well, ‘B’ is already used for ‘Blue’ in RGB, so it would be confusing. […]

Caran D’Ache 2mm Lead

We love clutch pencils at Artsavingsclub, but what is a pencil without lead? Luckily Caran D’Ache has got you covered with their perfect 2mm lead. Caran D’Ache prides themselves on pristine quality, Swiss-made art supplies, and that is noticeable throughout the entire offering, even in smaller products like their lead refills. The 2mm HB lead […]

How Mixed Media Friendly is Fabriano’s Mixed Media Pad?

Mixed media paper sounds vague to me. What is it really for? In this review, I got to find out just how versatile mixed media paper pads can be. In this case, the block of paper coming from Fabriano, a company that is well known for making quality art paper. Let’s take a closer look. […]

Tune into Toned Paper – Fabriano Sand and Clay Toned Paper

White paper is certainly the tradition when it comes to drawing and a quick browse through any art store will give you an array of white papers to choose from, for many different uses. Every one of us has, at some point, drawn on white paper, and what one learns, is to use dark lines […]

A Journey of a Thousand Contours – Meet Artist Diane Shearer

I think I might want to be Diane Shearer when I grow up. Yep, a funny way to start a blog interview, but if you’ve had a look through her website and Instagram posts you will understand why a nature-lover like myself would be enthralled. Diane is an adventurer at heart with a creative soul […]

I Test the New KUM Black Line Memory Point Brushes

The debate about whether brush quality makes a difference to your painting continues. Something along the lines of the amateur blames his tools if the work is not good enough. Well I can answer that argument right here and now: Do Premium Oil Painting Brushes Make a Difference? Yes, the quality of a brush does […]

Welcome to Inktober 2019!

Inktober is upon us, folks! What better way to start this auspicious occasion than with the release of our very own Artsavingsclub exclusive Inktober Art Box! We are so excited to be releasing this box filled with amazing inking art supplies, perfect for Inktober and professional work alike. We’ll be touching on a few of […]

Making Waves in the World of Watercolour

Somerset West was the setting for the biggest international art event in South African history. The IWSSA (International Watercolor Society of South Africa) recently hosted the 1st International Watermedia Festival, Colors of the Rainbow Nation, which featured 150 artists from 26 different countries. The exhibition itself took place from the 4-16 September at the Art […]

Blending Coloured Pencil – Techniques

Coloured Pencil seems like a medium anyone should be able to master quite easily. It is – aside from crayons – most probably one of the first mediums you were introduced to as a child. It’s simple right – buy a set of 120 colours (how many can one possibly need anyway), get a good […]

Masking Fluid – Friend or Foe

Tips on working with masking fluid What makes watercolour such a challenging medium is that you can’t cover up mistakes as you can in other painting mediums. As watercolour is translucent and requires that you work from lightest to darkest values, it is extremely important to preserve your whites. In some cases, you can just […]

Get the Most out of Your Pastels with Canson Mi-Teintes Paper (Pastel Pads and Touch Pads)

Pastels are a wonderful medium to work with. You only need to look at Degas’s sublime use of pastels in his ballerina paintings. You can work them delicately or with boldness and the colour is always powerful. The pure pigment in artist’s quality pastels is a pleasure to behold. It is a pity then to […]

Fight the Fur-Fear: Tips for Short Fur in Pastel Pencil

Fur. It’s probably the scariest three-letter word out there if you are just starting out in drawing realistic animals. I remember looking at fur and thinking it couldn’t be too hard. Just a bunch of lines right? Wrong. There are myriad types of different furs,  long, short, wiry, wavy, curly. The list seems endless and […]

How to Mix Realistic Green Colours

Mixing colour is an essential skill for every artist to learn. This may seem self-evident, but many beginners try to avoid this learning curve. Often tube colours are used without adjusting them very much. This can lead to unfortunate colour choices in your paintings. The top contender for colour disasters is green. This colour is […]

Life happened… art didn’t. Some tips to get you back in the saddle.

As some of you may know from a previous post of mine, I have only quite recently (over the past year) rekindled my love for creating art after a gap of about twenty years. Not twenty planned years of taking a break from art, but just twenty years where life happened… and art didn’t. What […]

Caran D’Ache – Pastel Pencil Luxury

We all have our Achilles heel and I’ll admit that art supplies are mine. It’s therefore quite fair to admit that I probably didn’t need the Caran D’Ache Pastel Pencil set I bought. Well, that is until I had used them. It is now quite fair to admit that I pretty much cannot do without […]

Tombow: Mono-a-Mono Zero

Having a favourite pen is pretty normal, but it might seem bizarre that some creatives can even become obsessed with smaller, seemingly less significant tools of the trade such as rulers, sharpeners, and (today’s topic) erasers! The truth is that every tool is important in its own way. While creating art can sometimes be challenging, […]

Goldfinger Makes Gilding Great Again

You have to hand it to Daler Rowney for coming up with a brilliant name for their new gilding paste. For those of you who remember Sean Connery and the Goldfinger movie the link will be particularly appealing. But Daler Rowney have made Goldfinger the hero this time and rightly so. For the first time, […]

Versatile Inking: Pigma Micron PN

Newly stocked, and quite a new product in South Africa in general, the Sakura Pigma Micron PN differs slightly from the standard, beloved Micron range. Normal Microns feature a sturdy felt tip, which is great for line consistency, but lacks the versatility for line width variation. Of course, sometimes consistency is what you want in […]

A chat with artist Chaz Williams

I find other artists and their stories very insightful and inspiring and I was therefore very excited when contemporary portrait artist Chaz Williams agreed to answer a few questions.  I think his predominantly oil portraiture work is fascinating and have been following him on Instagram for quite a while.  The arty Capetonian started taking his […]

Brilliant Gouache Painting with Winsor & Newton

There is something vaguely nostalgic about painting with gouache.  I could not quite explain it until I realised that I had painted with gouache before as a child.  The powder paint I used to use as a child was a type of gouache and is still available today.  But the name is about all that […]

Watching paint dry! A few hard lessons to learn with Watercolour

I’m certainly no watercolour wizard and it actually excites me that I have copious amounts still to learn.  Watercolour is such a unique medium that really breathes a life of its own, as one soon discovers as paint meets water meets paper.  It can be quite unpredictable and you are bound to get a whole […]

Transform Your Acrylic Paintings with Two Techniques (Ideal for Beginners)

As an artist using acrylics, you know how versatile the medium is. The quick drying nature of acrylics.  The ability to paint on many surfaces.  No cracking.  Vibrant colour.  But acrylics have their little quirks too.  Especially the tendency for acrylics to dry flat and lose their vibrancy.  This article will show you ways to […]

My Watercolour Journey – Meet Mungyo

Watercolours have always intrigued me although its been a medium I have never really pursued – mostly because the first few times I tried them I failed dismally. Now let me just rewind and give you a bit of background as to who I am to put it all into perspective.  I used to do […]

Creative Stretches: Warm-Ups

Not unlike in fitness, warming up before you tackle a piece of art it can be greatly beneficial to help stretch your creative muscles and warm-up first.  Those creative muscles can be both physical and mental, so here are a few quick and painless ways of getting in the groove. 1. Shake It Off. It […]

First Impressions: The PanPastel Colors Experience

Pastels have been around for a long time.  You only have to see Renoir’s sublime works in pastel to appreciate this medium.  Characterised by pure pigment, intense colours and a variety of applications pastels have a lot to offer.  But pastel sticks have issues too.  Soft pastels snap easily.  A lot of pastel is wasted […]

A Chat with Janet Bester

I came across Janet’s colourful art on Instagram and was instantly fascinated.  So much of what we see seems to be dark and dreary and here is an artist who absolutely embraces colour and life it seems.  Her art instantly lifts the spirit, and after making contact with her, I can see why!  I had […]

Spray it Again Sam – with Krylon’s Range of Fine Art Sprays

I must confess that I am old school when it comes to any form of spray paint.  Sorry Banksy, but that graffiti thing does not work for me.  Give me tubes of paint, brushes and a painting knife and throw away the key.  I am happier that way.  But I have been converted.  At least […]

Storage Solutions: Mont Marte Pastel Box

We have slowly been introducing you to various pencils, pastels and pens.  But if you have the nasty stationary addiction I have, then storage becomes a bit of an issue.  Especially if you by now have 12 sets of coloured pencils or a whole array of pastels (or, as in my case – both!). Voila!  […]

Pigma Manga Mania!

Konnichiwa mangakas!Translation: “Hello manga artists!” We’re super excited over at ArtSavingsClub right now, because we’ve recently added a few awesome new additions to our Sakura Pigma range! We’ll still get to the Pigma Brush pens and Micron Plastic Nibs, but today we’re taking a look at the Pigma Manga set. Japanese manga comics gained immense […]

The Art of Focus

Before I became an artist I was a full-time photographer – also art, just a different genre!  I loved photographing weddings and enjoyed the adrenaline rush of being in the moment and capturing the emotions and smiles.  But the wedding was just the starting point and the real work was the hours spent behind a […]

Rembrandt Artist’s Paint: First Impressions of a Premium Oil Paint

We are so fortunate.  Imagine back in the day when Rembrandt Van Rijn and other artists needed new paints for their work.  No convenient art store like ArtSavingsClub where you could order the world’s finest oil paints.  No, you needed to be an apothecary to create paint by hand and storing the paint was a […]

50 Shapes of Pastel: An introduction to Pastels (Part 1)

Its fair to say I’ve fallen for pastels hook, line and sinker.  I do believe we each have a medium that is meant for us.  From the moment I first put this medium to paper I knew I had found ‘my’ medium, the medium that finally magically set my inner-artist free.  Pastels are renowned for […]

Caran D’Ache: Perfect Pencil Companions

The humble pencil – an absolute ‘must have’ tool for any creative. Even the most complex projects all start with a single pencil stroke. Nothing is more heartbreaking than parting ways with the last few millimetres of your trusty graphite partner. You know… When not even a pencil extender can help anymore. Sayonara, old friend…. […]

Painter’s Tips: Types of White Paint and How to Use Them

Is white paint the most important colour on an artist’s palette?  This hue finds it way into most, if not all, colours in a painting.  Artists often argue the merits of one type of white paint over another.  Whatever the case white paint certainly is a significant part of our painting materials.  But did you […]

Pilot G-Tec: Precision at its finest

There’s something very captivating about needle tip pens. From the first look you may notice that the Pilot G-Tec (called ‘Pilot Hi-Tec’ in some parts of the world) doesn’t look flashy. It has a fairly run-of-the-mill appearance, with a clear barrel and recycled-plastic construction, reminiscent of a typical office pen from the 90’s. Looks can […]

Faber-Castell: Pitt Artist Pens (Part 1)

Getting into professional inking can be pretty daunting if you have no prior experience in the medium or tools of the trade. Some inkers still like using brushes or brush pens, others use dipping pens and india ink, but most will stick to the trusty technical pens. Technical pens come in a variety of shapes […]

A Chat with Graham Kearney – Wildlife and Equine Artist

Recently I had the opportunity to chat with well-known Equine and Wildlife Artist Graham Kearney.  I confess to being more than a little starstruck as I have been following his career for close on 7 or 8 years and have always been in awe of his work. Graham says painting is like breathing and explains […]

Do You Need Talent to be an Artist?

How often do you look at a friend’s art and wish you had their talent?  Some people just seem to make drawing and painting look so effortless. But how much of that is in fact talent and how much can you learn? I don’t think talent is a myth.  Just as some people are better […]

Bold and Bright Van Gogh Oil Paints by Royal Talens

What’s in a name? ponders Juliet in Shakespspeare’s famous play.  As it turns out quite a lot actually.  For a start it would be a pity to call a rose a clivia, for example.  Imagine the disappointment on Valentine’s Day.  So when Dutch paint manufacturer Royal Talens came out with the Van Gogh brand of […]

The Eraser You Didn’t Know You Kneaded

Kneadable erasers are awesome, and for some reason, not many people are talking about them.  We’re hoping to change that! Kneadable erasers (sometimes called putty erasers, art erasers, and/or kneaded erasers) are malleable, meaning you can squeeze and stretch them, take them apart and reassemble them into any shape you can think of to erase, […]

How to Start Your Painting Adventure – A Guide to Materials for Beginners

I have good news. It seems the number of beginner artists is increasing.  This despite the digital age we live in is something of an achievement.  Good old analogue painting with a brush, paint and canvas is making a comeback. Beginners are seeking solace in the happy moments that come from being in the creative […]

The Art of Pen Spinning

Interesting topic of the day – pen spinning! You may have heard of this, but if not, please allow us enlighten you. Some of us here at ArtSavingsClub are compulsive fidgeters.  While stress balls and fidget toys have their place in the world, we work with art supplies all day every day, so it’s only […]

The Peculiar History of Pigments

I love colour – I love the different hues and variations and the way the colours in a box set of pencils or pastels move from one to the next.  As a child, I would repack my crayons over and over trying to work out the best way for them to seamlessly move from red […]

Inking 101: The Mighty Pigma Micron

Pro-level drafting tools can often be painfully expensive, or so specialised that they can be difficult to obtain (especially in South Africa).  Luckily, there are some gems that are both affordable, and likely to be in your favourite artist’s pencil bag too. Case in point, the Sakura Pigma Micron. Microns just seem to pop up […]

Podcast Love: The Savvy Painter Podcast

The nerdy nerd in my loves learning new things, but life has become so busy that time-management has somehow been overtaken by multitasking in an effort to gain some minutes.  My previous love for reading has dwindled to listening to audiobooks while I draw.  Well, that was the case until a good friend introduced me […]

Break the Rules: Rule of Thirds

You have probably already heard of the rule of thirds before.  If not, you may have wondered why cameras (including your phone camera) often have visual guides that divide the image into thirds.  These dividing lines run horizontally and vertically creating a grid made up of nine even blocks. The rule of thirds is a […]

Rembrandt Soft Pastels: 218 Shades of Excellence

Pastel pencils changed my way of thinking about creating and allowed me a lot of freedom, but I confess that I’ve always been a little reserved about trying soft pastels.  My childhood memory of pastels involves chalky dust everywhere and a lack of control I was hesitant to repeat. Royal Talens has been manufacturing artist […]

How to steal like an Artist

How to steal… Now there’s a title that stands out. Stealing is bad right?  Well, yes, but there’s more to it, says Austin Kleon – award winning book author. His book “Steal like an Artist” is a New York Times Bestseller, and has inspired millions of artists worldwide.  Filled with fun doodles and quirky diagrams, […]

Non-Photo Blue is the New Black

Good planning is an essential part of any artwork. This often-neglected aspect is a key step to creating a strong foundation to build your masterpiece on.  Every art form and artist has their own approach to initial planning, so we thought we’d demystify one of our favourite tools for sketching and pencilling comics and illustrations […]

5 Tips To Instantly Improve Your Realism

Have you ever walked past a painting or drawing that just seemed so lifelike that you felt like reaching out and touching the rich colour to see if the texture your eyes could see, would be there for your fingers to feel?  There is always more to learn, but I would like to share some […]

Electric Erasers: The Real-Life Undo Button

At Artsavingsclub we are passionate about the products we stock and equally curious about them.  This feeling is especially prevalent when two different products share the same perceived function.  Why is one more expensive?  Does it have more features or a more acclaimed brand name behind it?  Bottom line, is it really better, or is […]

Paper Facts – Guiding you through the Paper Maze!

Wading through the world of paper jargon can sometimes be quite a daunting task.  Considering that paper will make up quite a big part of your arsenal to produce art, it is very useful to know a little more! Most papers are produced using plant fibres – largely wood pulp and cotton, although various other […]

Arty Apps We Love: DailyArt

Other than a Pencil-Nerd I am actually just a self-confessed nerdy nerd and I have always loved learning new things. I was browsing around the App store on my phone, randomly searching for apps to do with Art, when I came across DailyArt. The app promised to share a painting a day with some history […]

Product Review: Stabilo Carbothello Pastel Pencils

It is no secret that I am a pencil addict, so it was with great anticipation that I awaited the arrival of the Stabilo Carbothello pastel pencils on the Artsavingsclub pencil rack.  They definitely did not disappoint when they finally found their way into my greedy hands! About the Pencils Pastel Pencils are a lovely […]

A Chat With Artist Mariaan Kotze

I was lucky enough to connect with Mariaan Kotze – an artist who really inspired me with the diversity in her artforms and the bold imagery she combines to portray her vision. Early Years Born on a farm in the Eastern Cape, she is the daughter of landscape artist Kobus Kotze and a full-time artist […]

The Psychological Benefits of Making Art

People often have the misconception that one has to be an artist to benefit from doing art and furthermore that only painting or sculpting is considered art.  I should possibly have reconsidered the heading of this blog and amended it to ‘The Psychological Benefits of Being Creative’.  Any creative process – whether you are drawing, […]

Coloured Pencil Joy – 5 Reasons to try Coloured Pencils as Art Medium

It’s difficult not to imagine the start of a school year without the mandatory new set of colour pencils – I remember so vividly how beautiful I thought the perfectly colour-arranged packets were – the barrels shiny, the lid marked where the sharp points stained it so alluringly. Despite my obvious love for coloured pencils, […]

Testing the tools of the trade: Painting with Oils

SA Artist Magazine: Issue 30 – Page 41 – 45 Words and photos: Willie Jacobs DEMONSTRATION – Testing the tools of the trade: Painting with Oils Well-known artist and teacher, WILLIE JACOBS, is back with a new series! He will be testing a range of art products from watercolours and inks to oils and pastels. Follow him […]

Testing the tools of the trade: Acrylic Paint and Inks

SA Artist Magazine: Issue 29 – Pg 40 to 42 Words and photos: Willie Jacobs DEMONSTRATION – Testing the tools of the trade: Acrylic Paint and Inks Well-known artist and teacher, Willie Jacobs, is back with a new series! He will be testing a range of art products from watercolours and inks to oils and pastels. […]

Testing the tools of the trade: Ink and Watercolours

SA Artist Magazine: Issue 28 – Page 30 – 32 Words and photos: Willie Jacobs DEMONSTRATION – Testing the tools of the trade: Ink and Watercolours Well-known artist and teacher, Willie Jacobs, is back with a new series! He will be testing a range of art products from watercolour and inks to oils and pastels. Follow him […]