Posca Markers

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Showing all 7 results

Posca Markers are super cool tools for anyone who loves to create and have fun with art. They’re not just ordinary paint markers; they’re special because they’re full of bright, beautiful colours that can draw on almost anything!


What’s really awesome about Posca Markers is that they’re water-based. This means they’re safe for the environment and for people of all ages to use. So, whether you’re just starting out in art or you’re already good at it, these markers are perfect for making your ideas come alive.

Multiple Surfaces

You can use Posca Markers on lots of different things. Want to draw on paper? Sure! What about glass, metal, or wood? Absolutely! This makes them really handy for all sorts of projects. You can make your own cool designs on your stuff, like your shoes or your backpack, or create amazing pictures on paper or canvas.


The colours of Posca Markers are really strong and clear. They look great even on dark surfaces, and the colours stay just as bright after they dry. Once the ink dries, it won’t wash off easily, and it won’t fade, so your art stays looking good for a long time.

Another neat thing about these posca markers is that you can layer the colours on top of each other without messing up. This means you can make really detailed and interesting art.

In short, Posca Markers are great for anyone who loves being creative. They’re safe, they work on all kinds of surfaces, and they have amazing colours that last. They’re perfect for making all your creative ideas come to life!