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Sola Goya Masking Markers

Masking fluid in a marker! This easy-to-use masking fluid marker allows you to lay down fine lines before adding your medium over it. Available in a fine and medium tip. You just draw with it as you would a normal pen -the light blue masking liquid makes it easy to keep track of where you have already applied your masking fluid. Dries quickly and easy to remove once dry.

  • Removable masking liquid in the form of a marker.
  • The rubber-like liquid in the marker pen is applied to the preferable surface.
  • The surface dries fast and can then be overpainted with markers or watercolour products.
  • Once dried the masking fluid can be rubbed off without leaving residue or damaging the surface of your paper or board.
  • Quick, simple and precise.
  • Ideal for masking fine lines and areas in watercolour painting or creating watercolour effects with hand lettering elements.
  • Filigree lines can be achieved with the fine tip, whereas larger surfaces and broader motifs can be covered with the medium tip.
  • Available in a fine and medium tip.


View our Speedball Best-Test Pik-Up Rubber Cement eraser – ideal to remove masking fluid.

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