Board & Glass Chalk Pen – Mungyo

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Mungyo Glass and Board Chalk pen set of 3 Features

• Length 9.5 mm X 60 mm, choice of colours available-white, yellow, pink, made in Korea

• Marks on any surface and any kind of board- white or black dry erase board

• Easily Erased with wet Tissue or cloth Application • Writes smoothly on glasses, windows, mirrors, plastic – PP. PE.PS. Pet, etc

• Multi-purpose use-home, school, college, events, office, bars/restaurants for writing menus/dish of the day, industries.


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Mungyo Glass and Chalk pens are ideal for the classroom or a child’s blackboard, ( and any other situation where chalk is used!).

Lovely vibrant colours are easily erased from the surface written on.  It is not completely erasable from porous and absorbent surfaces. Precision writing without the crumbling of real chalk!


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