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The Winsor & Newton BrushMarker provides the ultimate in precise and flexible line control, adding versatility to your drawing and illustration practice. The colour-rich range is highly blendable and offers print quality, streak-free coverage.

  • Blend-friendly, with malleable, alcohol-based, translucent ink
  • Twin-tipped, with a broad chisel nib and a brush nib
  • High-quality nibs for print-quality, streak-free coverage

These Brushmarkers are an excellent alternative to the Copic alcohol-based range of markers.


Only the Essential Colours (48) will be available in this range for now.

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Colour Disclaimer. Actual colours may vary. This is due to the fact that every computer monitor has a different capability to display colours and that everyone sees these colours differently. We cannot guarantee that the colour you see accurately portrays the true colour of the product.

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ImageBrushMarker ColoursPriceStockQuantityAdd to Cart
Winsor&Newton_BrushMarkers_Almond_O819AlmondR75.00 R55.00Sorry, we're Out of Stock!
Out of Stock
Winsor&Newton_BrushMarkers_Amethyst_V626AmethystR75.00 R55.002 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_BrushMarkers_Apple_G338AppleR75.00 R55.00Sorry, we're Out of Stock!
Out of Stock
Winsor&Newton_BrushMarkers_Apricot_O538ApricotR75.00 R55.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_BrushMarkers_Azure_B346AzureR75.00 R55.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_BrushMarkers_Black_XBBlackR75.00 R55.003 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_BrushMarkers_Blender_BL339Blender PenR75.00 R55.002 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_BrushMarkers_Blush_O729BlushR75.00 R55.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_BrushMarkers_BrightGreen_G267Bright GreenR75.00 R55.002 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_BrushMarkers_BurntSienna_O324Burnt SiennaR75.00 R55.003 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_BrushMarkers_Canary_Y367CanaryR75.00 R55.002 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_BrushMarkers_Carmine_R156CarmineR75.00 R55.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_BrushMarkers_Cerise_M647CeriseR75.00 R55.003 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_BrushMarkers_Cocoa_O535CocoaR75.00 R55.00Sorry, we're Out of Stock!
Out of Stock
Winsor&Newton_BrushMarkers_CoolGrey1_CG1Cool Grey 1R75.00 R55.002 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_BrushMarkers_CoolGrey2_CG2Cool Grey 2R75.00 R55.003 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_BrushMarkers_CoolGrey3_CG3Cool Grey 3R75.00 R55.003 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_BrushMarkers_CoolGrey4_CG4Cool Grey 4R75.00 R55.002 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_BrushMarkers_CoolGrey5_CG5Cool Grey 5R75.00 R55.003 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_BrushMarkers_Cyan_C847CyanR75.00 R55.00Sorry, we're Out of Stock!
Out of Stock
Winsor&Newton_BrushMarkers_DuskyPink_O518Dusky PinkR75.00 R55.003 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_BrushMarkers_ForestGreen_G356Forest GreenR75.00 R55.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_BrushMarkers_Grass_G457GrassR75.00 R55.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_BrushMarkers_Henna_O225HennaR75.00 R55.003 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_BrushMarkers_IndigoBlue_V234Indigo BlueR75.00 R55.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_BrushMarkers_Lilac_V327LilacR75.00 R55.002 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_BrushMarkers_LimeGreen_G178Lime GreenR75.00 R55.002 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_BrushMarkers_Magenta_M965MagentaR75.00 R55.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_BrushMarkers_Maroon_M554MaroonR75.00 R55.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_BrushMarkers_PalePink_R519Pale PinkR75.00 R55.002 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_BrushMarkers_Plum_V735PlumR75.00 R55.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_BrushMarkers_PoppyRed_R565Poppy RedR75.00 R55.002 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_BrushMarkers_Purple_V546PurpleR75.00 R55.002 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_BrushMarkers_Putty_O618PuttyR75.00 R55.002 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_BrushMarkers_Red_R666RedR75.00 R55.002 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_BrushMarkers_RosePink_M727Rose PinkR75.00 R55.002 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_BrushMarkers_RoyalBlue_V264Royal BlueR75.00 R55.002 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_BrushMarkers_Ruby_R455RubyR75.00 R55.002 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_BrushMarkers_SaddleBrown_O345Saddle BrownR75.00 R55.002 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_BrushMarkers_Sandstone_O928SandstoneR75.00 R55.002 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_BrushMarkers_Turquoise_C247TurquoiseR75.00 R55.002 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_BrushMarkers_WarmGrey1_WG1Warm Grey 1R75.00 R55.001 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_BrushMarkers_WarmGrey2_WG2Warm Grey 2R75.00 R55.002 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_BrushMarkers_WarmGrey3_WG3Warm Grey 3R75.00 R55.003 in Stock.
Warm Grey 4R75.00 R55.003 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_BrushMarkers_WarmGrey5_WG5Warm Grey 5R75.00 R55.003 in Stock.
Winsor&Newton_BrushMarkers_WildOrchid_V746Wild OrchidR75.00 R55.00Sorry, we're Out of Stock!
Out of Stock
Winsor&Newton_BrushMarkers_Yellow_Y657YellowR75.00 R55.001 in Stock.

Only the Essential Colours (48) will be available in this range for now.

The Winsor & Newton BrushMarker uses the same ink as the ProMarker, namely a dye-alcohol blend, but its two nibs are different; the BrushMarker comes with a broad chisel nib and a brush nib. The brush nib was inspired by the mark-making qualities of brushes – Winsor & Newton designed a stiff yet flexible nib that mimics a brush but is made from a solid tip rather than lots of hairs. This allows the pen to make consistent, fluid strokes without the risk of splitting. Marks can, therefore, be incredibly precise, smooth and streak-free. The drying time is fast and the pen can be combined with the Winsor & Newton Promarker or a blender pen. It is not advisable to use these pens with other wet media because you run the risk of blocking the nib. Although the pens are permanent, the ink is not lightfast.  The Brushmarker pens are available in 48 colours ranging from subtle pastels to bold hues.

Recommended surfaces: Bleedproof paper, Bristol boards, wood, acetate, glass, card, textile and plastic.

BrushMarker Colours

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