Tela Oil Painting A5 Paper Sampler | 300g – Fabriano

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Unique to Artsavingsclub, a range of samplers have been compiled to create an opportunity for artists to experience and explore new art materials. The idea is to encourage artists to try products without having to buy the complete set.

Tela Oil paper is unique in the sense that it is made for acrylic and oil paints. The surface is similar to linen canvas, acid-free and archival. The Fabriano oil painting paper Tela has an internal and external sizing that offers an ideal absorption for oil colours. Why not try this with oil paints and discover a new unique surface!

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These unique oil paint pads are glued on four sides to prevent the paper buckling. The paper is primed and ready to paint on and specially treated so that it absorbs the colours. Similar to working on a canvas grain, this is something new for the acrylic and oil artist to try.


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