Gioconda White Charcoal set of 3 – Koh-i-noor


The Gioconda extra white coal pencils are made of premium quality materials and are highly pigmented. These three grades are perfectly blended for hard, smooth and very soft lines. The hardest grade will work perfectly for doing highlights like the white dot in the iris of an eye. They work well combined with conventional charcoal and other media on smooth or rough paper. The pure, rich pigment is perfect for deep shading, especially when working on a black surface. This is a very popular product and highly recommended!

These extra white coal pencils are excellent for:

  • Detailed work.
  • Outlines.
  • Toning.
  • Colouring.
  • Various shading techniques.


After completing your drawing, we suggest that you apply a fixative to avoid smudging.

Available in a blister pack of 3:1 x No2 (soft), 1 x No3 (medium) and 1 x No4 (hard).

16 in Stock.

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