Shop Soiled FIMO Professional Modeling Clay

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Shop Soiled FIMO

85g True Green Block – Now R59 / Was R79


Both these blocks have tiny perforations in the packaging, but it has been sealed to ensure that no air can reach the FIMO. The clay is in perfect condition.

The Fimo Professional Modelling range has been developed with the professional or more advanced artist in mind but its ease of use and versatility makes it suitable even for the amateur or beginner.

  • Oven-hardening modelling clay.
  • For professionals, artists and advanced users.
  • Firm consistency for particularly filigree items.
  • Excellent dimensional stability.
  • Optimised colours with pure pigments.
  • Minimal colour change after hardening.
  • A practical division into 8 portions for easy blending.
  • Compatible with FIMO soft, FIMO effect & FIMO professional doll art.
  • Neutral smelling.
  • Easy to open, resealable packaging.
  • The long-established modelling clay original.
  • Consistent high level of quality for meeting the highest of demands.


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True Green (#500) 85gShop-Soiled-FIMO-Professional-Modeling-Clay-True-Green-85g-broken-packagingR79.00 R59.00Due to popular demand, we're Out of Stock!
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The Fimo Professional Modeling range has been developed with the professional or more advanced artist in mind but its ease of use makes it, like their other ranges, popular amongst amateurs or professionals, children or adults, beginners or experienced crafters, and ensures perfect results every time.

Whether for filigree objects by professional artists, self-designed pieces of jewellery, seasonal decor ideas for the home or creative activities with children: FIMO is truly impressive thanks to its superb characteristics, easy handling, high stability after hardening and extensive product range.

With FIMO, modelled works of art can be kept forever.

The origins of FIMO go back to 1939, the year in which the well-known doll maker Kaethe Kruse developed a new material to use for her dolls’ heads. As it turned out to be unsuitable for serial production, her daughter Sophie began experimenting with the new substance. She mixed bright colours into it and kneaded it into a whole variety of shapes and objects.

Mankind instinctively wants to model things; it is his way of cherishing and preserving something dear to him” is how Sophie Rehbinder-Kruse summed up her philosophy and went on to develop her first modelling clay kit in 1954.

She created the brand name FIMOIK by using the first two letters of her nickname ‘Fifi’ and ‘modelling clay’ and the final letters of ‘mosaic’, one of her favourite techniques. This later got turned into the better-sounding name FIMO.

About Staedtler – the modern brand rich in tradition:

For more than 40 years now, FIMO has been the world’s No. 1 when it comes to shaping and modelling.

STAEDTLER is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of writing, colouring and drawing instruments as well as premium quality modelling/polymer clays. It is also one of the oldest manufacturing companies in Germany, drawing on centuries of experience and expertise in the development of innovative writing and drawing instruments.

It was in 1835 that Johann Sebastian STAEDTLER set up his pencil manufacturing plant in Nuremberg, and records show that one of the founder’s ancestors was actually making pencils as early as 1662.

Throughout the company’s history, quality and innovation have remained the key to STAEDTLER’s continuing success, with regular breakthroughs in product design, performance and manufacturing process.


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