Federzeichenblock Multi-Media Pen Pad | 250gsm – Hahnemühle


This solid paper is designed to work accurately with the finest hatchings and shades of colour. Pencils or drawing pens virtually glide across the extremely smooth surface, allowing for rich lines and gentle drawing style at the same time. Suitable for all grades of pencil hardness, together with drawings using bow-type drawing pens, ink, drawing pens, paintbrush, and calligraphy pens. The sizing of the paper prevents the ink from running when applied. Natural white, acid-free, with a high longevity and highly erasable.

Product Features:
  • Thickness 250 gsm
  • Size A3 and A4
  • 10 sheets
  • Smooth

Available Options:

Traditional Hahnemühle artist papers are produced according to ancient methods, using high-quality resources and pure spring water. Inspired by artists since 1584, Hahnemühle continues to grow and progress by combining experiences and knowledge gathered over the course of many centuries.





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