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Would you love to add texture to your FIMO creations, but lack the skill and time? We have the solution in the decorative surface texture sheets for modelling clay. It is so easy to use, just press the texture sheet on the clay surface, apply pressure, remove and you have the design you wanted! The texture sheets have the following features:

  • Clear contours and accurate results.
  • Transparent material – ideal for accurate positioning.
  • Professional quality, flexible, hard-wearing tool.
  • For flat and curved objects.
  • Ideal for the frottage technique with karat oil pastels and coloured pencils.
  • High precision of details on created FIMO surfaces.
  • Long service life.
  • Suitable for FIMO and FIMOair.
  • Motif area 168 x 150 mm.


Tip: To ensure that the texture sheets can be removed easily and fully from the FIMO after imprinting, you should wipe them beforehand with a moist cloth.

Good to know: The texture sheets are easy to imprint on smooth or rounded surfaces. If you would like to create jewellery, you can shape individual beads first and then apply textures to them.


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Available Options:

Texture Sheets

Lace Trim Motif, Wood Motif, Leather Motif


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