Arty Apps We Love: DailyArt

Other than a Pencil-Nerd I am actually just a self-confessed nerdy nerd and I have always loved learning new things. I was browsing around the App store on my phone, randomly searching for apps to do with Art, when I came across DailyArt.


The app promised to share a painting a day with some history surrounding the artwork and my inner nerd quickly sat up at the prospect.  Art has such a rich history and while I listen to a lot of podcasts and hear a lot of names, I rarely have the chance to sit down and do some art history homework.  I promptly downloaded and waited anxiously.


My first painting to view was quite appropriately a painting by Claude Monet – Snow Scene at Argenteuil – painted in 1875.  The app explained not only where this was painted, but also what inspired Monet and some background on the area, the medium used, size, where the painting is now located and also which art genre it belongs to.  With handy links to more information, one can easily fall down the art-history rabbit hole!

The DailyArt application also makes it possible to favourite a painting and share it with your arty friends or one can simply scroll back if you missed your daily painting.  Premium features include more search options and access to even more paintings – they boast a database of 4000 pieces and 1000 artists to tickle the history buffs.

DailyArt is a free app available on Iphone, Ipad and Android.  For more information or to download this little gem, visit

Now go and wake up your own inner-nerd!

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