Podcast Love: The Savvy Painter Podcast

The nerdy nerd in my loves learning new things, but life has become so busy that time-management has somehow been overtaken by multitasking in an effort to gain some minutes.  My previous love for reading has dwindled to listening to audiobooks while I draw.  Well, that was the case until a good friend introduced me to podcasts.

The Savvy Painter Podcast Screenshot

There are a myriad of reasons to love podcasts.  With episodes ranging from only a few minutes, to hours and very varied topics – you are sure to find something to suit your fancy.  Topics I love include history, short stories, myths, general knowledge and of course, art! Most smartphones now come with podcast apps pre-installed and you can just browse the online library to find what you need.  Information and discussions are mostly free, so aside from spending on a bit of data, there is really no reason not to delve deeper.

I was astounded to find quite a few different podcasts relating to art, and I promptly subscribed!

At the moment my firm favourite is The Savvy Painter Podcast.  Presented by painter Antrese Wood, this podcast features weekly episodes interviewing artists from all over the world.  The interviews are both insightful and inspiring – not only do they share their art journey, but also often tips they’ve learned along the way.  I thoroughly enjoy listening to the anecdotes and this podcast made me realise that we all have the same inherent worries, the same dreams and aspirations and that being an artist is just being human.  Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, this podcast will encourage and energise you.

The episodes are all more or less 1 hour long and each feature a write-up detailing the topics discussed, an outline of the episode as well as resources featured for easy reference. With roundabout 200 podcast episodes now in the Savvy Painter library, there is an enormous amount of information to take home.

For a start I can highly recommend the 1 March 2018 episode titled ‘ How to Crush the Inner Critic, Get Over Perfectionism, and Get Out of Your Own Way so You can Create Your Best Work’.

I’ll be sharing some of my other podcast and book finds soon, so keep an eye on the blog.

Now go on, listen and inspire your inner art nerd!

For a look at their webpage, visit https://savvypainter.com/

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