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The Gloss Varnish from Montana is designed to seal and protect acrylic artworks, enhancing their effects and visual impact.

It can be applied in various ways, such as with a marker, brush, or airbrush, and it intensifies and enriches the colors it’s applied to. This varnish can add depth to background and foreground work, serving as a tool to manipulate how light interacts with the artwork.

It’s important to apply the varnish only to completely dry surfaces and colors. When used with Montana acrylic colors, it’s recommended to wait at least 1 hour for drying. Apply the varnish evenly and uniformly, removing any excess. Allow at least 10 minutes of drying time before applying additional coats of Montana acrylic colors.

Product Features:

  • Dries in a glossy finish.
  • Seals and protects acrylic paint.
  • Intensifies and enriches artwork .
  • Size: 25ml.

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