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Adigraf Block Printing Accessories are a perfect starting point for artists and students looking to experiment with lino and block printing. The range covers all products & accessories needed for any entry-level artist. Relief and lino printing your creations in different colours and on different surfaces has never been this safe and easy.

Available options:

  • Printing Plate.
  • Lino Cutters & Handle Set.
  • Ink Roller.

The flexible engraving / printing plates are made out of a green rubber and are an excellent alternative to lino sheets.  They are softer, easier to cut and can be easily divided with scissors. This printmaking accessory requires only minimum pressure to make a strong, clear line that is deep enough to last, however, the details will be less sharp than using our professional lino plates. Available size: Medium (15 x 24cm).

Adigraf’s engraving / lino cutting tool set includes a handle with an ergonomic grip that has been specially designed to perfectly fit the hand and ensure maximum ease of use and safety during engraving. There are four unique ways to grip the engraver for both right- and left-handed users. This pack also contains 4 lino cutters for engraving linoleum plates as well as Adigraf’s printing plates. There is also a storage unit within the handle to keep the cutters safe.

Adigraf’s  ink roller is the perfect way to achieve even distribution of oil and water-based inks. The shape of the handle has been designed to provide excellent grip. The unique shape also means you can lay the roller on the opposite side after applying the ink to prevent the work surface from getting dirty as the roller will balance in the air. Available size: 10cm (roller width).


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Available Options:


Cutting lino plates

1. Make sure to always cut away from your body and place your guiding hand always behind the direction of cutting.
2. Turn your printing plate to get to harder reachable spots.
3. Never cut towards your other hand and body for your own health and safety.

For lino printing with children, make sure that the children are supervised at all times and keep the cutters out of reach of your children after usage.

If you are new to block printing we recommend buying a bench hook and starting with soft printing plates to get used to the cutters and technique.

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10cm, 5pc Set, Medium (15 x 24cm)


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