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Adigraf Professional range offers high-quality artist tools to cover any lino artist’s needs. Highly durable and comfortable to use, these elegant accessories are designed to be used with high-quality inks to create fantastic prints!

Available options:

  • Lino Sheet.
  • Lino Cutters & Handle Set.
  • Ink Roller.

Adigraf’s professional Ink Roller is designed to achieve even distribution of oil and water-based inks. It does not absorb the ink, and helps to mix and create smooth shades. Wash with soap and warm water after use. Avoid scratches and don not let ink to dry. The handle is pear-shaped, comfortable, and made of high quality wood. Available roller width: Medium (8cm).

The Adigraf professional Lino Cutters & Handle Set features an elegant handle made using FSC-Certified wood & ergonomically designed for comfort during prolonged use, whilst the 5 assorted cutters are individually shaped to provide the broadest possible range of cuts for finely detailed prints. Also included is a small wooden tool for safe removal of the cutters, allowing you to easily change how you’re working, without putting yourself at risk.

This Adigraf professional Lino Sheet offers high quality, durable linoleum that allows for finer detailed prints to be made. They are best suited for use with the Adigraf cutters and tools due to the hard nature of the plates. This lino plate is comfortable to use and FSC certified. Available size: A4 (21 x 29.7cm).


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Available Options:


Cutting lino plates

1. Make sure to always cut away from your body and place your guiding hand always behind the direction of cutting.
2. Turn your printing plate to get to harder reachable spots.
3. Never cut towards your other hand and body for your own health and safety.

For lino printing with children, make sure that the children are supervised at all times and keep the cutters out of reach of your children after usage.

If you are new to block printing we recommend buying a bench hook and starting with soft printing plates to get used to the cutters and technique.


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7pc Set, A4 (21 x 29.7cm), Medium (8cm)


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