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Horses 06
A series of pictures of horses using a variety of techniques make up the core of this volume. In addition, the volume also includes a small anatomical compendium, an indispensable tool for anyone wishing to draw or paint this noble animal.

Horses and Riders 11
Along with a short comparative anatomy, horses and riders are presented through a series of works done using a variety of techniques. All the pictures relate to the sports and other activities that bring horses and human beings together.

Animals 12
This collection of animal pictures exhibits a variety of techniques, accompanied by a short introduction about anatomical aspects. A good deal of space is devoted to sketches of the cat family and other wild animals.

Animals 13
This further collection of subjects from the animal world again displays a wide range of techniques, though here domestic animals and farmyard animals are the main subjects. The black-and-white pages present a series of pencil and charcoal sketches.

Birds 28
The series of birds of different species presented here highlights a variety of techniques. The accompanying introduction provides a brief overview of bird anatomy, while the black-and-white pages display numerous pencil sketches.

The Animals of Mathurin Méheut 36
The animal studies by this artist of the past display a particularly up-to-date style and graphic technique. There is much to learn from observing and drawing the animal world of this master artist.


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SERIES: Animals

FORMAT: Paperback, Cover glossy coated paper (glossy film lamination) 265 gsm, Interior pages matt coated paper 130 gsm


SIZE: 24.4 x 34.4 cm

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Horses 06, Horses and Riders 11, Animals 12, Animals 13, Birds 28, The animals of Mathurin Méheut 36


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