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Please note that a handling surcharge of R85 will be applied to all orders containing loose sheets of paper/mountboards/films. The surcharge is applicable to single sheets and packs of loose sheets A3 (29.7cm x 42cm) and larger.

Only ONE (1) surcharge will be applied per order. This feature enables you to purchase as many different sheets as you want!


Made on a cylinder mould (traditional process), Arches 88 Paper quality is close to that of paper made by craft methods. The slow turning of the cylinder enables the fibres to be deposited evenly and spread in all directions over the wire. The paper is homogeneous and has good dimensional stability, an essential quality for the screen-printing process, which sometimes requires the application of several colours in succession. Only papermaking on a cylinder mould can produce paper with deckle edges.

Unsized, its absorbent capacity is very high, which avoids setting-off. ARCHES 88 is a printmaking paper especially well suited for silkscreen printing. Also suitable for the gravure process and lithography (as long as the paper is not soaked).

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