Best-Test Pik-Up Rubber Cement Eraser – Speedball

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Made of firm natural, crepe rubber, Best-Test Pik-Up is designed for removing excess rubber cement from small areas and tight corners and may also be used to remove masking fluids and rubber cement. It will not leave eraser ‘crumbs’ on the surface of your project.

When the eraser loses its ability to pick up a substance, simply cut the used part off with a clean, sharp craft knife or scissors.


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1 review for Best-Test Pik-Up Rubber Cement Eraser – Speedball

  1. Col-Art

    I don’t know what their normal use is supposed to be…. I just remember seeing somewhere it works for masking fluid so have been dying to get my hands on one…. And it works like a charm…. It kinda sticks to the masking fluid and then pulls it off…. Hardly any actual rubbing as with a normal eraser or your finger and it lifts off verrrry easily…. An absolute pleasure! And you don’t miss fine bits that sometimes don’t want to come off….
    You should create a billboard ad just for it 😜😜🤣

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