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ClearCast 1-2-1 Resin produces an optically clear, high gloss and tough coating with good impact and abrasion resistance. The excellent clarity and transparency make the resin system particularly suitable for the protection and decoration of artworks (paintings, sculptures and layered collage), tabletops and bar counters, badges, emblems and jewellery manufacturing and even flower-setting and paperweights.

Product features:

  • Optically clear resin system formulated to produce clear laminates, coats, linings etc with good UV stability.
  • Commonly used to seal/protect artwork, paintings, sculptures etc.
  • It is easy to use, cures at ambient temperature and is self-levelling.
  • Non-flammable, odour-free and has no solvent content.
  • Coverage: 1 m² per 0.5 litre mixed resin (based on a self-levelling layer 0.5mm thick).
  • Package contains 1 x Resin and 1 x Hardener (e.g. 200 ml resin = 100ml Resin + 100ml Hardener).
  • Available in 200ml, 1Lt & 10Lt Special Order Item.

Kindly note that although we do not stock the 10Lt, it is available on special order. Please confirm availability before placing an order!


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COVERAGE: (applied 0.5 mm thick) 1 m² per 0.5 litre mixed resin (based on a self-levelling layer 0.5mm thick).

MIXING RATIO: By volume 1:1

NOTE: The mixing ratio must be accurately followed. It is not possible to change the ratio. This would result in lower mechanical properties and the resin not drying properly. The mixture should be thoroughly stirred (mix for 3-4 mins) to ensure full homogeneity. Epoxy systems tend to heat up much faster in a pot than as a thin film. Therefore mix only the necessary amount usable within the given pot life.


The system can be applied by hand pouring or by brush/roller. The resin can be tinted any colour with the addition of polymer pigments available in all solid and translucent colours.

Mix in the ratio of 1:1 (by volume) until it is a uniform colour and consistency (usually 3-4 min).

  1. Level: ensure your piece is perfectly flat and level, otherwise the resin will run to the lowest point and “pool” in the centre, leaving too little resin at the corners. On large canvas paintings or pictures, you should tighten the canvas as much as possible or place a board underneath to support it uniformly.
  2. Bubbles: any bubbles created by hand-mixing can be easily popped by using a sharp object or by blowing warm air over the surface of the resin (e.g. using a blowtorch or hot air dryer on slow speed setting).
  3. Blowtorch: Don’t hold the blowtorch or hot air blower closer than 30cm to your artwork otherwise you risk creating ripples and dimples in the resin finish.
  4. Dust: You will need to protect the piece from dust accumulation for as least 12-24hrs. You can do this by using a dust sheet or a box to cover the piece.
  5. Cleaning: All mixing containers and tools can be cleaned with Acetone or cellulose thinners.
  6. Storage: Shelf life is one year in sealed containers as provided. Keep containers sealed and away from heat or cold.

HEALTH & SAFETY: Although the resin is user-friendly, it is advisable to follow good industrial hygiene e.g wear gloves & long-sleeved clothing, do not eat or drink when working with resin.

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  1. Sarah Du Toit

    How long does clear cast take to be non-tacky? And how long till fully cured?

    • Art Savings Club

      Hi Sarah,
      You will need to protect the piece from dust accumulation for as least 12-24hrs. So at the longest 24 hours for it to cure fully.

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