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Speedball’s Diazo Photo Emulsion is a 2-step process where the photo emulsion needs to be “activated.” To activate the emulsion, sensitizer must be added. The sensitizer is a very thick oil and needs water to create the right consistency for adding it to the photo emulsion. The big advantage of Speedball’s’ Diazo Photo Emulsion is there is no need for a light safe environment. Simply working under normal light will keep the emulsion from premature exposure.

  • Photo emulsion is best for creating detailed or photographic type stencils for screen printing.
  • Set contains 1 each of the following: 6.6oz (195ml) Diazo Photo Emulsion; 2.12g Diazo Sensitizer; 8oz (237ml) Diazo Photo Emulsion Remover and Instructions.
  • See mixing instructions below.

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Mixing instructions:

Step 1 – Preparing the Diazo Photo Emulsion Sensitizer

The bottle will feel empty. The sensitizer is a thick paste. This bottle does not come with a seal.

The Diazo Photo Emulsion Sensitizer bottle contains a very small amount of a thick paste that can sometimes settle on the side of the bottle. The bottle can appear and feel empty. However, it is not. It is critical to add water to the sensitizer and completely dissolve the paste into water. Fill the sensitizer bottle approximately ½ full with water (tap or distilled water works just fine.). You should see a colour change in the sensitizer after mixing with water.


Step 2 – Pour prepared Sensitizer into Photo Emulsion

The Diazo Photo Emulsion should appear a bright blue before adding the Diazo Sensitizer. Thoroughly mix the prepared Sensitizer solution with the Photo Emulsion by stirring, not shaking. The colour will change from sky blue to a grassy green when the Photo Emulsion has been correctly mixed.


Step 3 – Properly mixed Diazo Photo Emulsion

Always store the sensitized emulsion in a cool and dark place. Shelf life for the sensitized emulsion is 4 weeks at 32 Celcius, 8 weeks at 21 Celcius and 4 months when refrigerated.




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