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Nudes 07:
The color pages of this volume are dedicated entirely to nudes painted in oils, while the black-and-white section presents a set of pencil and charcoal sketches.

Nudes 08:
The numerous works presented here are by different artists and show models in various poses painted in oils. A good deal of space is also given over to particularly effective black-and-white drawings of nudes.

Nudes 09:
Here the nude figure is portrayed using a variety of different techniques: watercolors, chalks and oils. The black-and-white section presents an outline of anatomy and a comparison of the male and female bodies.

Nudes 10:
This extensive collection of male and female nudes focuses on the anatomical structure of each pose. Many of the works here have been done in ballpoint pen, and the entire volume is in black-and-white.

Expressive Faces 29:
This collection of portraits deals with characteristic faces, full of expression. The pictures presented in the volume employ a variety of painting techniques.

Dancers 30:
Numerous pictures of ballet dancers in classic dance positions are presented here. The paintings display a wide range of techniques, though special attention is given to working in pastels.

Portraits 31:
The portraits presented here make use of a wide range of painting techniques: pastels, oils and acrylics. Many well-known faces of famous personalities and movie stars highlight how portraits need to be particularly recognizable. The black-and-white pages include pencil sketches as well as pastel crayon drawings.

Portraits 32:
A variety of painting techniques are presented in this second volume devoted to portraits, while the introduction examines lighting and the effect it can have on the human face.

Children 44:
The introduction to this volume focuses on the specific proportions of children’s faces and their body size as they grow. There follows a series of portraits of children captured in particularly expressive moments and natural situations. The pictures in mixed techniques are an inspiration to artists to portray children in natural poses, rather than in rigid and static postures.

Anatomy 4:
This volume presents a complete guide to human anatomy from an artistic point of view. It gives any artist a clear understanding of human anatomy and is vital for all artists to understand the structure of human form.


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SERIES: The Human Figure

FORMAT: Paperback, Cover glossy coated paper (glossy film lamination) 265 gsm, Interior pages matt coated paper 130 gsm


SIZE: 24.4 x 34.4 cm

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Nudes 07, Nudes 08, Nudes 09, Nudes 10, Portraits 31, Portraits 32, Expressive Faces 29, Dancers 30, Children 44, Anatomy 4


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