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The Tintoretto Feltracco Watercolour Brush Set features three lovingly crafted, professional quality brushes for watercolour:

  • 1 x (Series 1407) Kazan Squirrel Synthetic, Size 6.
  • 1 x (Series 1408) Kazan Squirrel Synthetic, Size 0.
  • 1 X (Series 1412) Aquasoft Natural Hair, Size 14.

The Series 1407 brush included uses synthetic Kazan squirrel imitation fibre, popular for its very high colour-holding capacity and an elasticity that guarantees precision. The Series 1408 brush is also made with Kazan squirrel synthetic fibre which, together with the elongated shape, lends itself more to painting long and thin lines such as branches and hair. The Series 1412 Aquasoft brush is produced using high quality natural white goat hair. The main feature of this hair is its wavy texture that holds large amounts of water and colour. This brush is an indispensable tool for covering large areas in a single stroke. View more information about each brush.

Created in collaboration with Italian watercolourist and illustrator Felice Feltracco, these brushes have a unique and elegant design and are presented in a smart storage box.

Product features:

  • Specialist Watercolour Brush Set.
  • Handles are painted with a special paint to ensure they are totally non-slip & waterproof.
  • Plastic ferrule.
  • Excellent colour- and water retention.


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The Series 1407 Kazan Squirrel Synthetic brush is a modern version of a traditional brush design with advanced features to meet the needs of the modern watercolourist. It has a very fine tip and extremely high colour retention capacity and appreciable elasticity that manages to retain all the water and colour. This brush is extremely versatile and excellent for drawing both fine and bold lines, it guarantees absolute precision and cleanliness of the line as it perfectly follows the pressure exerted by the artist’s hand.

The Series 1408 Kazan Squirrel Synthetic brush is very similar to the Series 1407 brush but with a more elongated and fine shape which is more suitable for creating long and thin lines such as branches and hair. The colour retention is excellent thanks to the capillary conical fibres that are able to store large quantities of water making it possible to create precise and continuous lines without having to refill the brush.

Product features:

  • 100% Cruelty-Free.
  • Fibres are synthetic unlike traditional goose quill brushes.
  • Series 1407 available in Round #6.
  • Series 1408 available in Round #0.


The Series 1412 Aquasoft brush is produced using the best quality natural white goat hair. The main feature of this hair is the wavy texture that allows it to store high quantities of water and colour with a consequent gradual and homogeneous release. This brush is therefore excellent for covering large areas of colour in a single stroke. The softness of this brush allows you to create glazes over already dry colours without affecting the already painted surface. This brush can also be used to remove excess colour due to its very high absorbency. Available in a Round #14.


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