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It is often the case, that users of the oven-hardening modelling clay FIMO ask “how do I bake FIMO in the oven?” – but we are talking about “hardening in the oven”. FIMO becomes hard when it is cured – the colour and shape of the models stay virtually identical.

To properly harden FIMO, the oven should be preheated to 110°C. You then need to place your modelled FIMO artwork into the oven for 30 minutes. As every oven is slightly different, it is recommended to use an oven thermometer, so your model will not burn or turn an unpleasant burnt colour. It is very important that this temperature is not exceeded while you harden your FIMO.

  • The ideal extension to the FIMO range.
  • Accessory particularly suitable for use with FIMO.
  • The perfect accessory for working with an adding impressive finishes to the FIMO range of modelling clays.
  • New rubber coating for a safer touch after using in the oven.

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