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Please note that a handling surcharge of R85 will be applied to all orders containing loose sheets of paper/mountboards/films. The surcharge is applicable to single sheets and packs of loose sheets A3 (29.7cm x 42cm) and larger.

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Provide more than just a beautiful transition between the frame and your work of art with these framing mountboards from Moorman! Unlike traditional mountboards, that are often also referred to as ‘backing boards’, these mountboards (or matboards as they are also called) serve 3 different functions:

By taking advantage of colour and structure, Moorman mountboards are able to provide an aesthetic function when it comes to ‘framing’ a piece. The board is able to ensure that the work comes more into its own. It is striking to see how a good mountboard will reveal what is there. Whether it is a work by a great artist or a watercolour piece by an amateur, a pleasing print or an amiable photograph.

The technical function of a mountboard is to keep the print or work of art away from the glass. The ensuing requirement for the matboard is that it is of a certain thickness. In addition, there is a protective function. The quality of Moorman’s Mountboards make a contribution to the work of art remaining in good condition.

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Product features:

  • Uncut, framing mountboards.
  • Cream, coloured core made of alpha cellulose and is wood- and lignin free.
  • High-grade paper back which is acid-free and buffered with calcium carbonate.
  • Board depth: 1.5mm.

Available sizes & colours:

  • A2+ (55.7cm x 82cm) – Black.
  • A2 (42cm x 59.4cm) – Super White.
  • A3 (29.7cm x 42cm) – Black & Super White.


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This board in the Moorman collection is structured of a number of layers. We may distinguish a front paper, a core and a backing. Specific requirements are set for each of these layers.

    Apart from the aesthetic requirements, the front also needs to meet high requirements regarding light-fastness. Moorman therefore obtains the paper for the front of its boards from highly specialised paper mills which are able to attain the highest standards of quality.
  • BACK
    The back (back covering) – i.e., the side that is not seen – is also important. After all, it is the side that comes into contact with the work. In other words, the material used for the back is the most likely to have an adverse effect on the work. This is why Moorman uses only very high quality paper. Paper that contains no acid and is buffered with calcium carbonate, which ensures that every board is of top quality.
  • CORE
    The core is the heaviest component. Different types of cores are used in the Moorman collection, these mountboards consist of a cream, coloured core. The cream, coloured are made of alpha cellulose and is wood- and lignin free.


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A2+ (55.7 x 82cm), A3 (35 x 47cm), A2 (59.4 x 42cm)


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