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These durable lever-style paper cutters offer powerful precision for trimming multiple sheets and thicker materials. Whether you need a reliable cutter for everyday use or a professional-grade guillotine for fine trimming, Dahle Guillotines has an option that’s just right for your application.

Innovation and tradition are not a contradiction: Dahle introduced the automatic safety guard for guillotines in 1962. Developed by Dahle and still the only one of its kind in the world, the system gives you an unobstructed view of the item being cut. This lets you work with high-precision cutting results every time. The most important thing: guillotines with Dahle automatic safety guard provide reliable protection from cutting injuries. This means you can concentrate full attention on your work!

Product features:

  • Machine-ground blade hones itself as you cut for long-lasting sharpness.
  • Equipped with protective safety features to prevent injury.
  • Metal bases provide a firm, stable work surface and will never warp or crack.
  • Dahle safety guard – maximum safety and unobstructed vision.

Available options:

  • 502 Hobby Guillotine.
  • 533 Office Guillotine.
  • 534 Office Guillotine.
  • 560 Pro Guillotine.
  • 561 Pro Guillotine.

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Available Options:


Available options:

502 Hobby Guillotine

Practical, compact entry-level guillotine for hobby use.

  • Sturdy solid metal table with rounded edges and non-slip rubber feet for firm standing.
  • Practical recessed grips.
  • Helpful format lines on the base with mm division along the cutting edge make aligning the material to be cut even easier.
  • Ergonomically shaped handle.
  • Hardened steel upper blade & lower steel blade.
  • Manual clamping for holding down the material being cut.
  • Two scale bars with mm scale for an exact 90° cut.
  • Cutting length: 320mm (A4).
  • Cutting capacity: 8 sheets.


Office & Pro Guillotines (533 / 534 / 560 / 561)

The Professional Guillotines paper cutter is designed for precision and durability. They feature a self-sharpening system for a perfectly honed blade, a safety guard to protect fingers without obstructing your view, and a sturdy metal base with screened guides for easy alignment.

Product features:

  • Self-sharpening cutting system maintains a perfectly honed blade.
  • German steel blade is machine ground to the ideal trimming edge.
  • Blade will safely hold any angle and won’t fall unexpectedly.
  • Sturdy metal base provides a solid foundation that won’t warp or crack.
  • Screened Inch, metric, and angled guides for easy alignment.
  • German engineered for precision and accuracy.
  • Adjustable alignment guide for repetitive cutting.
  • Non-skid rubber feet hold the trimmer in place.
  • Perfect for trimming paper, photographs, and cardstock.
  • Protective guard keeps fingers safe and holds work in place.
  • 561 Pro Guillotine features a rotating protective guard, as well as an automatic clamp that holds work securely and prevents paper shift.


533 Office Guillotine

  • Cutting length: 340mm (A4).
  • Cutting capacity: 15 sheets.


534 Office Guillotine

  • Cutting length: 460mm (A3).
  • Cutting capacity: 15 sheets.


560 Pro Guillotine

  • Cutting length: 340mm (A4).
  • Cutting capacity: 25 sheets.


561 Pro Guillotine

  • Cutting length: 360mm (A4).
  • Cutting capacity: 35 sheets.


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Cutting Length

320mm (A4), 340mm (A4), 360mm (A4), 460mm (A3)

Sheet Capacity

15 Sheets, 8 Sheets, 35 Sheets, 25 Sheets


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